Top 5 Addiction Treatment Centers in the Northeast

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Top Locations for Addiction Treatment in the Northeast

You can seek treatment for addiction anywhere in the country and the massive number of rehabs can be overwhelming. That is why we have highlighted top notch programs for addiction in each major region of the country in these blogs. Here is the final installation: top treatment in the Northeast.

If you are looking for a good rehab or addiction treatment center in the Northeast, here are five of the best.

1. New England Recovery
—Westborough, Massachusetts

Enjoy the quaintness of this small town in Massachusetts as you kick start your recovery from addiction. With multiple rivers coming through it, Lake Chauncy, and a few reservoirs, Westborough is a town of more water than people. The solitude found here allows for a peaceful and focused environment at New England Recovery Center that is ideal for healing from addiction.

This excellent treatment center has a beautiful facility that is up scale, but still feels homey and comfortable. The residential quarters have a simple hotel-like vibe and remind the clients of what proper living spaces feel like. They offer detox, in-patient, and out-patient services and their staff supply care that is heartfelt and bound to give each client their best chance at recovery.

2. Huntington Creek Recovery
—Shickshinny, Pennsylvania

Even more remote than the first treatment center listed, Huntington Creek Recovery Center is a tranquil space in nature to seek recovery. Shickshinny is a tiny place in Pennsylvania, incorporated as a borough, with a population of about a thousand people. This rehab is a scenic place to get away from everyday life and dedicate yourself to recovery.

Huntington Creek has a large outdoor campus that helps clients to discover peace in nature. This setting also accommodates their wilderness program, which is a part of the experiential therapies they offer. Expressive therapy is also a part of the curriculum, encouraging clients to express themselves through creative means. For versatile and truly holistic treatment for addiction in the Northeast, this is an excellent option.

3. Green Mountain Treatment
—Effingham, New Hampshire

Another small town, Effingham is a great place to get sober and start over in life. Nestled right in the side of Green Mountain, this treatment center has a luxury cabin vibe mixed with classic New England chapel vibe. They also have an apple orchard and a green house. This mountain retreat is an ideal place to seek treatment for addiction.

Their programing heavily integrates therapeutic writing, a very effective therapeutic tool that many addiction treatment centers neglect using. There is also strong focus on spiritual development, helping each client to find an individualized sense of purpose. Green Mountain Treatment Center offers a unique recovery program that is sure to jump start a new and happy life of sobriety.

4. Mountainside Addiction
—Canaan, Connecticut

It seems that all the best addiction treatment in the Northeast happens in the small towns, because Canaan is another tiny town. With a little over a thousand people, the most special thing in Canaan is Mountainside’s addiction center. With beautiful state of the art facilities, this treatment center is impressive.

Mountainside places a lot of focus on the empowerment of clients, particularly through adventure-based therapy. Their campus includes high ropes courses, rock climbing, and other things that encourage clients to overcome challenges. With hiking trails, waterfalls, challenge courses, beautiful facilities, and high quality addiction treatment, you can’t go wrong here.

5. Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic
—Cuttingsville, Vermont

Spring Lake Ranch is a distinct kind of treatment center for a spectrum of mental health disorders, including co-occurring substance use disorder. Possibly the most remote location on this entire list, Cuttingsville is an unincorporated territory of Vermont. Living on the ranch, clients will be amidst nature, in Vermont’s quiet countryside.

Work therapy is the main goal at Spring Lake Ranch, empowering clients with hands on work that is collaborative. The ranch has gardens where vegetables and flowers are cultivated. There are farm animals like cows, chickens, sheep, and pigs that are tended to. Foresting wood work is also done, as well as building, furniture craftwork, and more.

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