When to Know if You or Your Loved One Needs Treatment

There isn’t a cut and dry indicator to determine when someone needs to seek out treatment. Addiction is a complicated beast and the people who struggle with it have become masters at concealing their abuse. Someone can have a serious addiction and their family and friends may not know it simply because the individual has learned to be sneaky when it comes to their dangerous habit. If you are in close contact with someone who is abusing alcohol or drugs, then there are signs that can point to a problem that needs serious help.

Being Elusive : When someone is addicted to a substance, they try with all their might to keep that information private. They might ask for greater degrees of privacy than usual and find themselves alone a lot more. In active addition, a person might be harder to get in contact with.

Changes in Sleep : Alcoholics may experience extreme drowsiness or fatigue, which can result in them taking multiple naps during a given day. The next day, however, they may seem energized and hyper alert. These fluctuations in sleep and energy may indicate a problem.

Weight Changes : Someone who is addicted to alcohol may experience weight changes that might clue you into their addiction. Alcohol has a lot of calories in it and those who abuse it could see their weight spike.

Neglecting Obligations : Someone addicted to alcohol may forego their responsibilities to pursue the buzz. Their lives are held hostage by the bottle and everything around them often gets neglected. This individual may be hungover, pursuing a buzz, or disinterested in others as their addiction forces them into a self-serving mode of existence.

Cherished Possessions End Up Missing : As someone falls into addiction they may begin to pawn off items in order to make sure they can maintain their buzz. Addiction is a fully engrossing phenomenon and the people under its spell will do whatever they can to keep it going—even if it means stealing from people they love.

Mood Changes : Alcoholics often have severe and volatile mood changes. They could be happy-go-lucky one minute and extremely depressed or angry the next. As the brain chemistry is altered with abuse, moods are impacted in ways that have severe ramifications for loved ones.

Altogether, there are signs that will allow you to know if someone is addicted and when someone is addicted it’s time to get them help in a rehab center. You don’t want them to get to a point where they hurt either themselves or someone they love in order to procure a buzz. Even when someone is high functioning, their health will decline severely as the drinking progresses. There are lethal consequences to addiction and you could save a life if you reach out and get the person help.

Why People Don’t Get Treatment

That said, a lot of people who definitively need treatment don’t get it. A lot of people are in denial about their problems and would rather retreat into addiction than deal with the gaze of people who are wishing to help them.

There are five main reasons why people don’t seek out treatment. One, they just aren’t ready to stop using. Two, they don’t believe recovery is possible and think they are doomed to drink until death. Three, they may not have health coverage. Four, they don’t know where to get treatment. Five, they fear negative effects that going to treatment may have on their job or loved ones.

As you can see, not everyone who abuses substances is willfully indulging—they are trapped. That said, at Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center, we provide affordable treatment options to help you if you are seeking treatment. Recovery requires support, and that support is offered in treatment programs. Usually family members are interested in getting you help, being active in that support, not shaming you. Also, being forthright with the company you work for about your addiction and need to get help may not result in any negative consequences. If anything, it will qualify your behavior and make the company want to get you help so that you can perform to your highest potential.

What Treatment is Like at Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center

At Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center, we provide cutting edge treatment to help you overcome your alcohol addiction. We offer 24-hour care in our state-of—the-art facilities with a trained staff imbued with empathy and expertise. When you first arrive, you will probably undergo a medical examination to determine what your detox process will be like. Detox is the process of cleansing your body of all the harmful toxins you let in your body during the various stages of addiction. After detox is completed, you will go through a treatment program that implements group and individual therapy. These approaches help connect you with a community and address the various undercurrents of shame, isolation, trauma, or mental health that may dictate your abuse.

At our center, we make sure you are surrounded with a loving and supportive environment of people who are passionate about making sure you are healed and whole again. Healing begins with an internal decision and ends with an external reconciliation. You are re-engaged in society and brought back to reality—touching the ground of freedom. Ignorance is bliss, but there is no freedom. As such, addiction could be blissful, in the dulling ignorance of abandon, but you are trapped. Choose freedom, call (520) 288-8484.

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