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Addiction is a destructive force that tears apart families and destroys dreams. Many addicts are in denial that they have a serious problem. Here at Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center we believe that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing, and we treat it as such. We offer an extensive amount of tools and resources needed to overcome the battle with this vicious force. Addiction is considered disease because of the rewiring that happens in the brain. The body becomes dependent and the brain becomes accustomed to the high levels of dopamine the substances produced. The glutamate in the brain stores that “euphoric feeling” into memory creating the insatiable desire to use again and again. The brain tells the addict that they “have to” use over all basic necessities even like bathing, eating, and sleeping. This rewiring in the brain is why addiction is considered a disease and not a moral deficiency. We believe at Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center that this disease can be arrested and the chains of this destructive force can be broken.

Affects of Addiction

Addiction affects not only the person addicted physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially; it affects the family in every way as well. Parents and children become estranged, marriages end in divorce, opportunities pass by and lives are taken by this terrorizing force. When someone is addicted they usually are in some stage of denial and try to hide it from their loved ones and the outside world. This includes lying, stealing, cheating, leaving and running away. Arguments take place, feelings are hurt and lines are crossed as a result of the use of substances and the behavior that goes along with their use. Another hazard of addiction is accidents, many accident s happen while people are under the influence of substances. Many people have experienced overdoses and some have led to death. Sometimes the addicted person cant see the damage being done, they only think they are hurting themselves. Because addiction is a self-centered illness the addict cannot see how they are affecting everyone around them from the child being neglected, to the bills not being paid, to the empty refrigerator, the car being repossessed, and the embarrassment and regressed social standing in society. The affects of addiction are very serious and can result in death even if left untreated.

What Are the Next Steps

Most addicts who are addicted do not see a way out of the cage they are confined in. Most people who are addicted either don’t know there is help, refuse to accept help, or don’t think they need help. Here at Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center we understand the severity of the disease of addiction and treat it as a illness not a moral failing. You may know someone who is addicted and refuses help or denies they have a problem. In this case, preparing an intervention may be necessary to help open their eyes to the damage being done by their addiction. An intervention is a situation prepared with the loved ones of the addicted person voicing their genuine care, love, and concern for the their addicted loved one. The damage that the addiction is causing the individual and the people around them is pointed out with the end result being for the addict to agree to enter treatment. It is very important for the atmosphere to be one of love, care and assertiveness. You want your addicted loved on to feel supported and understand the severity of the situation. Interventions do not usually end well where there is a lot a blaming and shaming being done towards the addict, they just retreat further into their addiction shutting everyone else out.

Ready For a Change

Once someone has recognized they have a problem and want to get help there is a process that happens. First thing is detox, when someone has used a substance over a period of time their body has become dependent on that substance and will go into what is called “withdrawal” when it doesn’t have that substance anymore. Here at Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center we provide a medically managed detox/ stabilization period. This is where we utilize advance medical methods and medications to assist with the withdrawals and make the addicted person more comfortable. This process cleanses the body of the toxins and chemicals produced by the substances. We aim to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and minimize the duration of detox here at Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center. Detox is vital to entering recovery and is much more effective when done in a professional setting.

Moving Forward

Upon completing detox, the next step is rehab/treatment. Here is where the foundation for recovery is built. At Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center we offer an intensive inpatient program that includes many different resources such as groups, addiction education, medication management, family counseling, relapse prevention and therapy. Some of the therapies range from, art and music, to yoga and exercise, to equine and individual therapy to group therapy. We also develop a personalized treatment plan to make sure that our client is getting what they need and deserve from our facility. We also have another option for treatment which is intensive outpatient services. Here we offer groups on specific nights of the week, designed for those who can’t attend or prefer not to go inpatient. While inpatient has proven more successful, outpatient has proven to be successful as well. We provide group counseling and education on addiction as well as personalized treatment plans, after care and sober living communities. Our goal is to help build a solid foundation for a successful life worth living in recovery. If you are struggling with an addiction and need help or know someone who needs help don’t hesitate to call us at (520) 288-8484 and end the cycle!

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