Top 5 Addiction Treatment Centers in the Midwest

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Finding Treatment for Addiction in the Midwest

Continuing the series of blogs on here that is dedicated to identifying the best rehab centers across the country, we breach addiction centers in the Midwest. All of these options offer long-term residential care, which is proven to be the most effective method of treating addiction.

Of course, there are many more fantastic places to go for treatment in the Midwest. This list only includes addiction centers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Dakota. It is hard to know how to choose between the vast options. So, this list is meant to narrow things down for you.

1. Burkwood Treatment Center
—Hudson, Wisconsin

Hudson, Wisconson is a small city of off the St. Croix River with a great addiction treatment center. Burkwood Treatment Center’s campus is on a three acre plot near Willow River States Park, with lots of trees and natural beauty around. This is a peaceful place to start healing from addiction.

The facility is rustic, with a cabin like feeling of serene isolation, but the quality and comfort of accommodations that is necessary. In their residential treatment, they offer one-on-one and group interventions that teach clients how to support their sobriety on a daily basis.

2. Gateway Foundation—
Fox Lake, Illinois

Right on the shore of Fox Lake, Gateway’s Lake Villa Treatment Center is a wonderful option for addiction treatment in the Midwest. With a 43-acre campus, this place has a serene countryside vibe. Sit on the veranda, look over the water, and reflect.

Gateway’s facility surrounds clients with luxury and comfort as they work through the therapeutic program. With huge, decadant buildings and tons of amenities like a full basketball court, Gateway really offers an all-encompassing experience. They also have an inpatient program specifically designed for teens.

3. Hazelden Betty Ford—
Plymouth, Minnesota

Hazelden Betty Ford is known for having world renowned treatment centers across the country. Their location in Plymouth Minnesota easily meets this standard. Their facility resembles a college campus, which seems fitting for the fairly large city of Plymouth.

This treatment center is specifically geared towards teens and youth who are struggling with addiction. The college-like atmosphere is suited perfectly for their target demographic—ages 12-25.

4. Lumiere Healing Center—
Near Cincinnati, Ohio

Just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, Lumiere Healing Center is a luxurious treatment option. It lies in the middle of a private golf course, offering tranquil and green surroundings.

Their property has lush walkways and many outdoor areas to relax. There is an outdoor basketball court and, of course, golf. With a gourmet menu and high quality facilities, this is an excellent place to begin recovery from addiction.

5. Keystone Treatment Center—
Canton, South Dakota

Not a lot is happening in Canton, South Dakota, other than this wonderful addiction treatment program. Keystone Treatment Center utilizes its calm, rural surroundings to create the ideal space for recovery. The campus rests on 13 acres of land, offering a spacious natural area for recreation.

They have a full spread of programs, from youth to adult, inpatient and outpatient. In addition, they have treatment that is specialized for Native Americans—striving to supply care that reaches all faiths and races.

Addiction Treatment Options

There are so many different rehabs available across the country. Don’t get overwhelmed and give up. You aren’t alone in this. If you need help deciding which way to go, call (520) 288-8484 to speak with someone who knows all about addiction treatment.

Stay tuned to read about options in other regions of the US, like the South and New England. Click here to read about rehabs in the Southwest, and here for rehabs in the Pacific Northwest.

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