Tattoos and Addiction Recovery

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People in Recovery & Tattoos

Have you ever noticed that a lot of people working the program or who are in recovery from addiction have tattoos? Like a lot of tattoos.

Is it coincidence or is there something to this?

Tattoos Represent the Trials of Addiction

One reason for getting tattoos in recovery from addiction seems to be a want to express. Tattoos can express or act as a physical representation of the extremes you have been through in addiction.

Also… transformation:

They can also represent the trials and transformation of getting sober. Many people want to remember what they have been through, how far they have come, and how they have been changed.

Addiction and Control

Some say that tattoos are addictive themselves. To get a tattoo is an intense experience that can create a natural high. So, okay sure, it’s maybe a small version of trading one addiction for another. This doesn’t seem like a very equal trade though.

Another option that makes more sense psychologically is about control. Tattoos are extreme—they change your body forever. To have this power gives a sense of control over the body and experience. In active addiction, most people feel lacking of that kind of control or power—over their body, mind, and life.

It’s plausible to say that tattoos offer a feeling and reminder of the control or agency someone has regained in sobriety.

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