Top 5 Addiction Rehabs in the Southwest

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Best Rehab in the Southwest

If you are looking for addiction treatment in the Southwest, stop here. This lists five rehabs of the highest caliber in the Southwest. They cover the Southwest’s diversity of climate and geography. You have the beaches of Southern California, valley deserts and high deserts, gushing rivers, and huge snow-peaked mountains. One of them is bound to be the perfect fit.

It can be a challenge to pick the right treatment program for yourself or your loved one. It is always advised to travel for treatment, but to where? This blog is part of a series that highlights some of our nation’s best rehabs. If you are looking for a peaceful place with warm, dry deserts or beautiful beaches on the Pacific, the Southwest might be a match.

1. La Jolla Recovery—
San Diego, California

Starting from the very Southwestern edge of the country, at La Jolla Recovery… Hello, San Diego. It’s easy to defend a trip to the shores of La Jolla in San Diego, California. The weather is always beautiful, with mild winters and hot dry summers that are perfect for the Pacific’s cold waters. Something about the ocean brings clarity to the mind. You can welcome in recovery and healing with each crashing wave.

La Jolla Recovery, aside from location, is a fantastic treatment center. Their facilities, from residence to group therapy rooms, are absolutely beautiful and homey. They offer an elevated treatment experience with their charming facilities and renowned psychologists.

2. Southern California Addiction Center—
Temecula, CA

Temecula, California doesn’t have the same kind of reputation as San Diego does. In fact, it is a huge spot on the wine country map—seems like a bad combo with addiction, I know. Yet, Temecula happens to be the location of the Southern California Addiction Center and that makes this place an all-star location for recovery. Plus, with its riverside mountain views and moderate seasons, it really is a lovely city.

Southern California Addiction Center just makes it more appealing. This rehab is uber luxury. With huge decadent houses for clients to reside in that have spacious yards. They offer many attractive spaces to relax and heal. Their mission is to rescue and transform, with clinically proven treatment techniques.

3. Lyfe Recovery Services—
Reno, Nevada

Maybe you should go to treatment at Lyfe Recovery Services in the “Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno, Nevada. This city sits in the western part of the Great Basin, situated in the high desert to the east of the Seirra Nevada mountain range. Given the area’s notorious casinos, Lyfe Recovery Services is particularly well-versed in treating gambling addictions.

The Villages at Lyfe Recovery Services is the rehab’s most notable feature. This is full-scope, long term residential care that gives extra attention to individualizing treatment. Their lovely housing facilities and amenities exceed expectations. This is an exceptional place to start a new life of sobriety.

4. Recovery in Motion—
Tucson, Arizona

Start your healing journey at Recovery in Motion Tucson, amidst the mysterious Sonoran desert in Arizona. Tucson is at 2,643 feet elevation, but that doesn’t keep the cleansing desert heat at bay. Only 60 miles north of the Mexico border, this Southwest city is full of charm.

Recovery in Motion is a modest rehab in comparison to most of the others on this list, in terms of decadence and luxury. They offer quality care that is tried and true, though, and they are very affordable. Money is of course a concern in the decision making process and it is important to include programs along the spectrum of price. For a high standard of care in serene desert surroundings, Recovery in Motion is a great option.

5. Hoy Recovery—
Velarde, New Mexico

There has to be at least one slightly eccentric or unconventional rehab on each of these lists. For the Southwest, Hoy Recovery fits the bill. In the small town of Velarde near Espanola, New Mexico, this rehab is a unique and special place to heal from addiction. Another high desert area, Velarde is on the foothills of the Rockies near the Rio Grande.

Hoy Recovery has quintessential Southwest vibes, adobe wood burning stoves and all. There is a big, farm-like campus that serves as a venue for agricultural therapy and natural healing. They also have goats and other farm animals to care for. To get in touch with the body, spirit, and earth, Hoy Recovery is the place for you.

The Search for Quality Rehab

While many rehabs offer the generic treatment that is required, some go above and beyond. In their own unique ways, these five treatment centers offer the highest quality of treatment. I would trust them to care for my own loved one in the fragile stage of early recovery.

The search for a rehab can seem like a challenge, but don’t let that delay enrollment. At the end of the day, getting the treatment needed is of the utmost importance. Whatever your financial restrictions and unique needs, there are tons of rehabs out there for you. To speak with someone who knows a lot of addiction rehab and treatment, call (877) 670-8451. The person who answers can help you find a treatment center that is right for you.

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