Top 5 Addiction Rehabs in the South

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Top Treatment Centers for Addiction in the South

Choosing the right rehab can be tricky. There are so many websites that are hard to navigate, and sometimes it seems like no one wants to actually show pictures of their facilities or tell you the actual levels of care that they offer. If you are looking for addiction treatment in the South, hopefully this list will help.

All five of these choice treatment centers offer a wide spectrum of care that includes inpatient or residential. They use tried and true methods that are evidence based and will give you the best chance at recovery you can find.

1. Waypoint Recovery—
Cameron, North Carolina

The tiny town of Cameron, North Carolina is a wonderful place to seek treatment for addiction with Waypoint Recovery. Sporting a humid subtropical climate of mild winters and hot, humid summers, Cameron is green and lush like most of the South. Waypoint has a beautiful facility with big, cabin like buildings and plenty of serene outdoor spaces to relax in.

This treatment center offers residential treatment, as well as intensive outpatient. They consider all aspects of care needed, including one-on-one therapy and group work, and use evidence-based methods.

2. The Ranch—
Nunnelly, Tennessee

Get out of town for rehab, 45 miles west of Nashville along the Piney River in the small town of Nunnelly, Tennessee. The Ranch is an addiction treatment center in Nunnelly that beats most. It is nestled in a scenic woodland environment, perfect to induce peace and healing.

Residential clients live in adorable cottage homes and have a packed schedule of evidence-based treatment for addiction. There is also experiential and adventure therapy, which encourage clients to get out of their comfort zones, overcome obstacles, and develop trust as well as other key qualities.

3. Woodlake Addiction Center—
Ethel, Louisiana

25 miles north of Baton Rouge, is the quiet Woodlake Addiction Center in Ethel, Louisiana. Right on a lake, with gorgeous nature all around, this treatment center is a magical spot for recovery. The grounds contain woodland trails that are perfect for nature walks, fishing ponds, and putting greens.

Woodlake Center offers every level of care that a person recovering from addiction might need. They are thorough there, with curriculum that includes psychological treatment and the 12-step program.

4. Burning Tree Ranch—
Kaufman, Texas

Burning Tree Ranch is another great option for addiction treatment in the South. Kaufman, Texas doesn’t have a lot going on, which makes it a nice quiet location to begin recovery. The ranch has comfortable and high quality facilities that makes for a great home base in the early days of sobriety.

The programs at Burning Tree focus on long-term treatment with a heavy emphasis on solving chronic relapse. They use all the tools available to make a real change and help people who have relapsed over and over to finally move forward in their lives.

5. Journey Pure—
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Finally, consider Journey Pure’s addiction treatment location in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They have a lush parklike property, with beautiful Southern homes for their residents—porch swings and all.

Journey Pure uses a holistic approach to addiction treatment, offering a full spectrum of care. The professionals there focus especially on addressing co-occurring disorders. They know that the mind and body must be treated on the whole. Journey Pure is an ideal place to start the journey of recovery.

Questions About Rehab and Recovery

If you still have questions about rehab and addiction treatment, call (520) 288-8484 to speak to someone about it. They can answer your questions and help you find a quality treatment center that will help you get your life back.

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