Top 5 Addiction Rehabs in the Pacific Northwest

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Pacific Northwest Top 5 Addiction Treatment

Are you longing for big trees, lush green, and the cool soft breezes of the Pacific Northwest? There is so much natural beauty in this region— waterfalls, temperate rainforests, and misty coasts. If you are seeking treatment in this area, reach for treatment centers that take advantage of the natural glory here.

It can be overwhelming to decide where to go for addiction treatment, or where to send a loved one. There are many qualified programs out there, but how do you decide? This blog series is dedicated to highlighting the best addiction treatment centers in different regions of the country. Here are five top tier treatment facilities of the Pacific Northwest corner of our country, in Oregon and Washington. Going to rehab is a crucial stride to make; be sure to set up for success with an amazing treatment center.

1. Pacific Ridge—
Near Salem, Oregon

When most people think of Oregon, they think of forests, beautiful nature, and vibrant plant life. Pacific Ridge treatment center is smack in the middle of exactly this. Away from the city, they have 18 acres of land and multiple buildings dedicated to client residence and treatment. The campus includes a nature trail, a disc golf course, volleyball, and horseshoes.

Pacific Ridge offers residential treatment and supervised detox, with Suboxone and other helpful medications available. They emphasize the strengthening of clients’ support systems and personal communities—encouraging loved ones to participate in many aspects of treatment. Instead of a clinical, hospital like setting, clients are surrounded in homey quarters that are comforting and peaceful.

2. Treehouse Recovery—
Portland, Oregon

This is the only treatment center in a super metropolitan area that will be on this list. Let’s be honest, though, it’s Portland! There is a FOREST in the middle of the city. This is such a lush, green city, with so many trees, you can barely tell that you are in a city at all. There are many quality Portland drug rehab centers. Treehouse Recovery is on this list is because they have a surprising and impressive program model.

This is an all male center, focusing on a younger demographic. The whole program is centered around physical exercise and fitness therapy. Clients go through intensive physical training in teams and independently, alongside addiction education, group and individual therapy sessions, and other standard treatment. It is a residential program that is driven to ensure a life of sobriety that will be full, enriched, exciting, and worth all the hard work.

3. Awakenings By the Sea—
Seaside, Oregon

After giving an all-male center, it is only right to offer an all-female one as well. Awakenings By the Sea hones the lunar energy that the ocean’s waves remind us of. The beautiful campus and house is located on the gorgeous coast of Seaside, Oregon. The dark trees of the forest meet the misty beaches of the Northwest Pacific.

Their program has varying levels of long term residential treatment. Most of their models follow the standards of addiction education and therapy. There is additional focus on body image and other things that women in particular often struggle with. Admire a sunset over the ocean or cozy up with a book in a charming and quaint room of “The Little Yellow House,” and start on your path to recovery.

4. Free by the Sea—
North of Astoria, Washington

You can’t have the Pacific Northwest without the Pacific, which is why there are so many coastal treatment centers on this list. Free by the Sea is just steps away from the beach in Washington, on the Long Beach Peninsula. They have a large, serene campus that sprawls with outdoor park-like areas. There are also tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts.

The treatment philosophy at Free by the Sea is in agreeance with the typical standards, focusing on education and therapy. They put extra emphasis on fitness, which is scheduled seven days a week. Additionally, they give particular focus to mediation—generating peace and reflection in the self. It is a lovely place to restart your life and heal.

5. The Clearing—
San Juan Islands, Washington

Lastly, another coastal treatment center, The Clearing is a refreshing and unique option for treatment. The 64-acre campus is on a beautiful working farm—equipped with horses, sheep, chickens and other animals. The remote San Juan Islands are just off the coast of Washington mainland, with Canadian soil on the other side. Find recovery in the healing and rejuvenating island breeze, where Orcas play in the water and green hills roll across the land.

The Clearing uses an alternative approach to treatment that is not oriented around the 12-step. Instead, they follow the spiritual psychological approach. Of course, group and one on one therapy are still the main focus of the program—alongside workshops on spirituality, acceptance, and love. Yoga and tai chi are practiced daily. Anyone seeking a refreshing take on recovery, look no further.

Looking for Alcohol Treatment

Finding the right treatment center for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting process. There are so many locations, program styles, and variations. From the clinical perspective, it is recommended to travel for treatment, to attend supervised detox, and then participate in a long-term in-patient or residential program.

Alas, every individual has unique needs. Many people are worried about how to afford rehab and what level of care is really needed. To speak with someone who can help break down the options, call (877)670-8451. Stay tuned with this blog series to find out about the top treatment centers in other regions of the country. The next one will take a look at some notable addiction centers in the South.

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