Travel in Recovery: Guide to Becoming a World Traveler

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Take Up Traveling in Recovery from Addiction

Now that you are clean and sober, the opportunities and possibilities of life are endless. Think of all the time, money, and energy you used to spend trying to get the next fix. Now, you are free to use your energy however you want. If you have ever wanted to travel and see the world, this is the perfect time to do it. Live your greatest life in sobriety.

So many people regret never going on a big worldly adventure at least once in their lives. Travel is one of the most desired endeavors of modern Americans. So, here you go. Step out of addiction, and into recovery with a fully refreshed perspective. Go experience a new version of the world that you didn’t even know existed before.

Why Travel After Addiction?

It should be said that world wide travel isn’t necessarily something to keep up for years and years—though many do. You will want to eventually build a foundation for your career and create a stable source of income. Regardless, that shouldn’t keep you from exploring these experiences for a while.

Traveling is a fantastic way to hit the reset button, totally change your routine, and expand your comfort zone. It can continue to show you the possibility of life without drugs or alcohol—all the wonder there is to be had.

Travel Can Be Affordable in Recovery

The main thing that holds people back from worldly adventure is money. People think travel is very expensive and, sure, it can be. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might imagine, though. There are many ways to make travel affordable.

For one thing, think of all the money you spent on drugs and alcohol in active addiction. The cost of travel is a mere fraction of that. Also, buying a car or a house, paying monthly for rent and utilities is also all expensive. It’s okay to spend your money in a different way once in a while.

The hardest thing is saving enough money for at least two plane tickets and spending while you’re away.

Odd Jobs That Pay

So, saving up for the tickets. Maybe you spent a lot of money on drugs and alcohol in addiction, but now that you are in recovery, there is no way you would do the things you did for cash back then.

Luckily, there are a lot of odd seasonal jobs you can do that pay a lot of money. People go up to Alaska for the summer to work on fisheries and crabbing boats. I won’t lie, fishery and crabbing jobs aren’t the most luxurious, but they pay really well. Some of these even cover room and board so you can just save everything you make.

There are more options than just this, especially in hospitality. Bartending or serving on a cruise ship or at a hotel somewhere with a seasonal rush can bring in great money. Hotels with big seasonal rushes often provide room and board. If you find a place that pays servers minimum wage instead of a waiter wage, even better. You’ll make massive tips (which is usually a full income for servers) on top of the standard minimum wage.

With some research, you can find something temporary that will bring in cash quickly. Hopefully it will also offer room and board to minimize your expenses so that you can save most of the money you make. You’re on your way to adventure already.

Save Money While Traveling

There are also a ton of ways to save money while traveling. You can volunteer at certain posts and get room and board in exchange, so that you don’t have to worry about paying for housing. Then, you can go on exciting adventures between jobs or when you have time off.

There is everything from volunteer farming to working in hostels. Maybe you can be a cleaner at a yoga retreat or teach English abroad. Websites like can help people find these opportunities. Some of these jobs might even pay and you can save up a little extra cash if you get low on your savings.

Another great resource is couch surfing. This is a network of world travelers who are either looking for free places to stay or are hosting people in their homes. You don’t have to pay to stay with someone, though their sleeping quarters can vary from floor space or a couch to a full guest room.

It might sound sketchy, but every person has reviews on their profile (that cannot be removed) from people they have hosted or been hosted by. It is easy to find the respectful people who would be rad to stay with. While the service is “free,” this is a cultural exchange. The people who participate love traveling, supporting travelers on their adventures, and they showing internationals around their home towns.

If you are going to pay to stay somewhere, hostels all the way. Always hostels.

Obviously, you’ll need money while traveling… but not nearly as much as you’d think if you do things right. I got through four months in South America with about four thousand dollars saved, before I bought plane tickets. Not bad, eh?

Live a Big Life After Addiction

Live your life the way you want to after addiction! Be fearless and go after the things you have always wanted. You only get to live once, and miraculously you have been given another shot at life. So, take it and run with it.

Some other traveling tips:
1. Always buy a one way ticket and don’t over plan. Let the trip happen to you, be open.
2. Meet people! You will find out about the cheap and less touristy activities form people who have done those things, not from the internet.
3. Other travelers are fun! Meet them, hang out. Also hang out with locals, though. Think of it this way: who would show a foreign travel the best time in your home town? You, who grew up there and know the town like the back of your hand. Plus, you will experience a new place and the culture more genuinely by hanging with locals.

Still Need to Get Sober?

Getting sober is hard. If you have been wanting to kick the drink or drugs, but don’t know how to do it, there are so many services out there to help. Call (877)670-8451 to speak with someone who knows all about treatment for addiction.

Grab life by the horns! You deserve to have all of the wonder and adventure that is possible.

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