How to Get a Hot Bod After You Stop Drinking

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Get in Shape When You Get Sober

You are going to lose a ton of weight when you stop drinking, just from lowering your caloric intake. Alcohol has a ton of calories in it, about twice more than most proteins and other food types. There are a lot of health benefits of quitting drinking and this one particularly rules.

Think of it this way: stop drinking = pounds shed off.

You might as well ride the wave and get the smokin’ bod you’ve always wanted. This is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, starting with ground zero: the bod.

Not everyone loves to work out in the traditional sense of going to the gym or doing push-ups. Let’s be honest, sometimes running feels like dying. The good news is there are lots of fun ways to workout. Find exercise that makes you feel engaged with life.

Leave the Bar Behind & Exercise Outdoors

Here are a few great ways to get some fresh air and exercise outdoors! You’ve been inside a drunken haze in a smoky bar for long enough. Go forth into the world and be active.


Exercise can seem daunting to someone who just got sober and hasn’t taken care of their body in a while. Walking is a low impact way to get your blood circulating and joints lubricated. It offers low key cardio, as well as basic posture and muscle strengthening. It’s easy, just take a walk.


Hiking is great, because it’s choose your own adventure kind of exercise. There are hour long loops that barely climb in elevation and there are multi-day treks that go through the Andes. Tone your legs and gluts while you get a great cardio workout. Plus, it’s fun to do with a friend or a group.

Bike Rides

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle — I want to ride it where I like” (Queen).

Queen knows what’s up. Use a road bike for city commutes. Take a mountain bike off-roading. Get a cruiser for casual park rides or a boardwalk. Fly solo, jam some tunes in your ear buds, and ride—its refreshing to feel the breeze on your face. If you want company, a lot of cities have groups that put on regular community rides.

Rock Climbing

If you are a tad more adventurous, rock climbing is excellent outdoor exercise. It’s a full body workout: arms, core, legs, butt, even your fingers and toes will get a workout. There are plenty of indoor climbing gyms—and that might be a good place to start. Once you feel comfortable, though, find some rad outdoor bouldering spots.

Stop Drinking & Take a Class

Alcohol affects the part of your brain that learns and remembers new skills. Now that you aren’t drinking anymore, take advantage of your memory and cognitive function! Sing up for a class and learn something new.

Dance 4 Life

Dancing is such a fabulous way to exercise and have fun! It’s exciting and interactive, plus you can get in touch with your rhythm! There are many different kinds of dance classes: ballroom like swing and salsa or studio dance like ballet and jazz. You could even get a little scandalous and take a pole dancing class. Oh la la.

Cirque Classes

Be like Cirque De Soleil and get weird with your classes. There are aerial silks, the hanging hoop known as a lyra, ropes, trapezes, and more to master. Cirque performers are ripped: it requires all-over strength, endurance, and flexibility. Learn a unique art form that is truly stunning and creative while you work out.

Martial Arts

Hone your energy and aggression in martial arts classes. There are many different styles to go with: jujitsu, kung fu, karate, taekwondo, muay thai, and more. Not only will you learn the tradition and technique while exercising… you will also develop self defense, which is never a bad thing.

Yoga Classes

Find inner peace and sculpt your new hot bod with yoga. Practicing yoga is good for the mind and body. You will become more focused and compassionate from the meditation aspect. Simultaneously, you will be strengthening and toning, from the inside out. Yoga enforces strong central posture by building core strength, and incorporating stretches that extend out from a properly aligned spine.

Other Fun Ways to Exercise in Recovery

These suggestions don’t really fit into a specific category, but they are awesome. Most people isolate themselves in active addiction. Use this time to branch out and connect to new people and communities with “team activities.” Maybe get out of your comfort zone with a kind of exercise you normally wouldn’t try out.

Sexy Times

It’s a kind of team activity, because it takes at least two to tango. We don’t need to say a ton on this topic, but it’s a great way to raise endorphins and get your heart rate up! Sex is good for respiratory health, circulation, and strengthening in many areas of the body. Get creative, kama sutra, you get it.

Amateur Sports League

Another team activity: sports stuff! There are amateur leagues for just about every sport. Dodge ball, kick ball, and volley ball are my top suggestions. Join a team or form one with friends. A lot of recovery and rehab alumni communities have sports teams, so ask around. Good workout; good times.

Ice Skating

No, you do not have to be in Canada or Russia to ice skate any time of year. There are actually ice rinks in most major cities and it isn’t that expensive to go to a public skate. In fact, it’s a good activity for the summer, to escape the heat. Try something new, and get a fun work out on the ice.


Swim in the ocean, a lake, a creek, a gym pool, a community center pool, or a back yard pool. There are a lot of options. Do laps, tread water, play swimming basketball, or practice your diving skills. Swimming on a hot summer day is always refreshing, and it’s low impact exercise that is great for everyone.

Getting Sober is Hard

If you still need some help getting sober, focus on that for now and set the hot bod as a reachable future goal. You have to stop drinking before you can start taking care of your body or sculpting it into a smokin’ figure. There are a lot of services available that can help you find your way to recovery. Call (520) 288-8484 to talk to someone about how to move forward.

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