5 Sober Summer Hobbies

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Have Fun After Getting Sober

Summer is around the corner and temperatures are starting to rise. Stay cool this summer while you stay sober. Here are some fun sober hobbies to take up this summer.

Living Sober this Summer

Popsicle Making:
This is so easy; all you need is a freezing mold and some culinary creativity. Blend up fresh fruit with yogurt, try different juices, or make a spicy batch. No alcohol is required to enjoy an icy treat on a hot summer’s day.

River Floats:
River floating is a great all-day summer activity. Relax and laugh with a group of friends while you are swept away in the cool water. Don’t forget to park a car at the beginning and one at the end, though!

Summer Sober Hobbies

Whether you plan a beach trip and swim in chilly ocean waves or you go to the community pool, swimming is a staple of summer. Plus, there is no reason to drink while swimming. Alcohol isn’t even allowed at most pools and beaches.

Ice Skating:
Most cities have an ice rink near by that offers public skate times. Step into essentially a giant refrigerator—something we all wish we all wish we could do in the dead of summer—and learn some tricks on the ice!

Mountain Camping:
If you find a camping spot up in the mountains, the elevation will make it significantly cooler outside. You might even need a fire to keep warm at night. Not drinking will be easy with all of the nature to explore!

How to Stop Drinking this Summer

You need help to get sober and stay sober, and you are not alone. If you want to stop drinking, call (520) 288-8484 to talk to someone about your options. Get your life back this summer.

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