Health Benefits of Quitting Drinking

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Obviously drinking in excess is generically “bad” for you, so quitting is good. What are the actual benefits, though? Some benefits to quitting drinking might surprise you. Many people have risen above alcohol and watched these changes take place in themselves. You’ll never want to go back to alcohol when you see your health and figure improve.

Look Younger in Sobriety

We still don’t know what liquid flows in the fountain of youth… but it definitely isn’t alcohol! Drinking alcohol causes you to age quickly. It damages tissues in the body, especially the skin. When you quit drinking, these things will start to rejuvenate as you become a newer, younger looking you!

Alcohol dehydrates, drying out the skin and lowering collagen levels. This makes it easier for wrinkles to form, makes flesh look more sunken, and reddens the skin. Once you quit drinking, hydration and collagen will gradually be replenished.

Beauty Sleep Without Alcohol

Because alcohol makes you sleepy and slows down the nervous system, many people think it helps with sleep. In truth, drinking reduces the overall quality of sleep—even if it seems otherwise. Alcohol can cause the sleep cycle to fluctuate irregularly. REM may not last as long as it should or a person may wake intermittently.

Once your body has recalibrated without alcohol in its system, you can have restful healthy sleep again!

Be Slimmer After Quitting

Did you know that alcohol has almost double the caloric intake as most kinds of food? The body can swell, because of how blood vessels are dilated from alcohol, but you can also put on a lot of actual fat. Think of excessive daily drinking like eating two extra meals a day—you can gain a lot of weight.

When you quit drinking alcohol, you will watch the fat fall away. The blood glucose levels will also drop significantly, lowering your risk of developing type 2 Diabetes.

Healthy Heart with Sobriety

Most people know that drinking is bad for your heart. Extreme binge drinking can cause the heart beat to become irregular. Long-term alcohol abuse causes heart disease and increases risk of heart attack.

Your cholesterol levels lower when you stop drinking. Cholesterol is what causes heart disease because it builds up in blood vessels, creating blockages and clots. Going sober means a happier, healthier heart and better endurance. You will feel healthier and younger.

Healthy Liver in Sobriety

One of the most commonly known health risks to alcoholism is liver damage. Fatty tissues gather in the liver when you drink excessively, and in extreme cases liver cirrhosis may develop. The liver is a very crucial organ, so this can be life threatening.

Luckily, the liver can regenerate in the right circumstances. When you get sober and healthier, the liver will start to heal. Liver = Life, so this is pretty miraculous!

Feel Better Without Drinking

Endorphins, Serotonin, and other happy chemicals will be released in your brain more often when you stop drinking. Alcohol throws your whole system out of whack, and your brain stops making these good chemicals all the time. Alcohol also irritates and damages the stomach lining, which causes acid reflux. So acid reflux will lessen when you quit, or even go away entirely.

You will feel better overall when you quit drinking. You will have more energy, your emotions will stabilize, and you will never need alcohol to avoid feeling sick ever again.

Need Help with the Quitting Part?

You are not alone; everyone needs help with this. Addiction changes things in the brain, which makes it very difficult for an individual to address on their own. Luckily there are huge communities out there to help. Call (520) 288-8484 to talk to someone about all the options you have.

There are so many benefits to quitting drinking. Give yourself the opportunity to see these positive changes in yourself.

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