Epic Outdoor Adventures for Sobriety, pt. 1

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Sobriety Is Not Boring

There is a huge misconception about recovery from addiction that being sober is boring. Many people worry about committing to sobriety because they won’t be able to have fun anymore. It is true that many people spend their free time at bars and events that seem to revolve around alcohol. There is also a whole world of experience that you can find in sobriety, though. Connect with your inner wildness and go on some epic adventures in nature.

Even if the main stream ways to have fun revolve around drinking, you’ve never fit in with the main stream anyway. Plus, the mainstream isn’t that fun. Go a different direction and discover all of the epic adventures that lie in the great outdoors. Here is a list of epic outdoor adventures to go on in the USA.

Epic Adventures that Don’t Involve Alcohol

These four adventures are suggested for just about anyone. Sure, they’ll take some endurance and might be challenging, but you don’t need any special skills to go on these trips. You might want to go buy some basic light weight trekking and camping gear, though.

1. Havasupai Falls, Grand Canyon

Who needs alcohol when there are brilliant blue green watering holes in the middle of gorgeous desert canyons like Havasupai Falls? It’s a ten mile hike to get to the falls and a ten mile hike to get back, so this is a multi-day tip for sure. Camping is advised, but there is also a lodge you can stay in. Prepare for dry heat with a lot of water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing.

It’s hard to make a reservation for this, as it has become a bit of a destination point. Keep in mind that the native Havasupai people live near the falls, in Supai village. It is important to respect their home and all regulations associated with this amazing adventure.

2. Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Put down the Ranier beer and go a real rainforest in the gorgeous pacific northwest. The Olympic Peninsula contains multiple rainforests, waterfalls, beaches mountains, lakes, and rivers. Do a multi-day trek and camp trip in Olympic National Park and see a little bit of everything. This place is vibrant with bright green plant life and lots of animals.

Heads up, you may want to pick up some waterproof gear beforehand—especially in terms of camping gear. Things get wet in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Zion National Park, Utah

There are many gorgeous and exciting trails in Zion—varying in difficulty and length. The Narrows is a great area to explore for just the day. It’s a gorge with walls that are thousands of feet high and, in some sections, the river is only twenty or so feet wide.

You can take a few hours out there or make a whole day out of it—choose your own adventure. Maybe you take the paved route or maybe you wade way down the river and see what you can see. Do research either way and this is the desert, so wear clothes for warm weather. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

4. Glacier National Park, Montana

Nestled in the wild Rocky Mountains of Montana is this giant park, full of wonder and beauty. From Going-to-the-Sun Road to North Fork, from Lake McDonald Valley to Two Medicine, there is so much to explore here. The valleys throughout the park were carved into the land by glaciers.

The park is a vast, untamed reserve that is well worth weeks of adventure. That of course is up to you, though. Take a day hike, do a long loop with camping, take a guide and go all out for days. The possibilities seem as endless as the park’s expanse.

Stop Drinking and Start Adventuring

In the days of alcoholism and addiction that are hopefully behind you now, life was an ongoing haze. Always running from withdrawal while the body and mind become more sick—it’s no good way to live. Now, in recovery, you have the opportunity to fully grasp life.

Adventure trips like this are awe-inspiring. You will gain clarity, energy, and strength as you engage with your wild side. Spending time in nature develops an attention to the beauty around you.

If you are still struggling with addiction and want a better life, it is never too late. You can have an awe-inspiring life of adventure. First you have to get the help you need, though, to get healthy again. Call (520) 288-8484 to talk with someone about treatment, therapy, meeting, and support options. There are communities of people out there who care about you and want to help you find the life you deserve.

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