Eminem 10 Years Sober

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10 Years of Sobriety for Eminem

Over the weekend, the famous rapper Eminem celebrated 10 years of sobriety. On Saturday, April 21, he posted a picture of himself holding up the golden coin awarded for 10 years. In the 12-step program, sobriety chips are presented to people on certain milestones of recovery.

Yes, this acclaimed musician has suffered from addiction. It shouldn’t come as a surprise—he has written a lot of songs about the struggles of substance abuse and the process of recovery.

10 years is a huge accomplishment, so congrats Marshall. It’s not easy.

Eminem’s Road to Recovery from Addiction

In 2007, the beloved musician nearly died from a severe overdose. Eminem went public with this information a few years ago in Men’s Magazine, explaining how he had abused pills like Valium and Vicodin for years.

After coming to understand the depth of his addiction, the rapper admitted himself into rehab. He worked the 12-step program and turned to exercise as a primary coping skill.

He still works out religiously, saying that it gives him a natural high of endorphins and helps him sleep—something he used to rely on pills for.

If Eminem Can Get Sober, So Can You

Many can fall victim to substance abuse, even famous rappers. If you are suffering from a drinking problem or any kind of drug abuse, you are not alone. Get the help you need, like Eminem did. Call (520) 288-8484 to find the support you need; recovery is waiting for you.

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