Arizona Sober Living Unjustly Threatened

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Over Regulation of Sober Living

The local group, Take Action Phoenix, wants to regulate sober living homes in the valley. Their whole campaign is discriminatory and unjust. Addiction is a disease, and regulation of housing that helps people stay sober is wrong.

It is already hard to find affordable transitional housing. Most houses charge tenants at least 700 dollars a month to share rooms with multiple people. Tenants often must use bunk beds like children at summer camp. It is challenging to pay for the measures taken already by these houses.

If regulation becomes severe, it will be nearly impossible to offer sober houses that meet the needs of people in recovery.

Importance of Sober Living

Many people struggle to reintegrate with society in recovery. Coping with common responsibilities of daily life, which others manage easily, can be a huge challenge. For those new to sobriety, halfway houses offer the extra support needed.

Take Action Phoenix wants sober living homes to:
-apply for licensure with the state
-enforce special training of house managers
-police how present managers operate

The only thing this all will accomplish is the closure of transitional housing across the valley. Why should the recovery community have to jump through hoops to offer housing that helps people stay sober?

Destigmatize Sober Communities

Addiction is highly stigmatized and most people believe that “addicts” are immoral and selfish people. The truth couldn’t be farther; they are just sick people trying to get better.

If you are interested in finding in a sober living home or if you are struggling to get sober on your own, call (877) 670-8451. There are people who want to help you along your journey. Join the sober community and rediscover the beauty of your life.

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