Can Alcoholics Learn to Drink in Moderation?

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Will I ever be able to drink again?

Ah, the golden question! Many alcoholics in recovery wonder if they will ever be able to drink again. They just want to be able to go out with friends… have a few drinks at big celebrations… hit happy hour with coworkers.

Everyone wants to feel normal and be able to have fun like most people do.

So, is it possible for an alcoholic to drink in moderation?

Severity of Alcohol Dependence

There is a model of recovery called “moderation management.” This technique coaches people with drinking problems to drink in moderation. This only works for some, though.

The higher severity a person’s alcohol dependence is, the less likely that moderation is an option. Problematic drinkers who abuse alcohol, but don’t have a severe psychological or physical dependence, may very well be able to drink in moderation.

Those people must develop healthy emotional coping skills and work with intention and effort to learn to drink in moderation.

Is Moderation Management Worth the Risk?

For those who abused alcohol long-term and have severe physical and psychological dependence, drinking in moderation will likely never be possible. To attempt drinking in moderation would be a huge risk for these individuals. They might relapse and spiral into years more of active addiction.

This is because certain structures in their brains have changed, so that the compulsion to drink excessively is triggered by even one drink.

Talk to Someone Who Knows

If you aren’t sure which side of things you fall onto, call (877)670-8451 to speak with someone who knows about this. They can help you understand what you need for successful recovery.

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