Sleepwalking Through Life in Yonkers, New York

Yonkers, New York is often considered the sixth borough in New York. It is home to approximately 200,000 people who live and breathe in the shadow of skyscrapers. It is teetering on the edge of the metropolis that is New York City. In that way, it is sort of between two worlds: the hustle and flow of the city and the tranquility of the suburbs.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people in Yonkers who may have internalized the confusion and tension inherent in living in the shadow of a skyscrapers. Everybody has a past that they have to deal with. For some people the past is always a looming skyscraper in the foreground of their psyches. It is something that they can’t escape no matter where they go. So they choose to distract themselves.

Are you sleepwalking through life in Yonkers? What might have begun as a simple drink here or there after work to release tension has devolved into a systematic escape route. Unfortunately, the fire escape of fire water is a dance with disaster. When the fire escape becomes the front door, when the escape becomes routine, people end up dead. You can’t fight fire with fire and you can’t hide from pain by swallowing it. Alcohol abuse is a serious epidemic that’s crippling our country. People think they are coping, but they are slowly dying as they sleepwalk over the burning coals of past pain. Unfortunately, the past will never be vanquished through a drink or anything for that matter. It is only something that can be embraced through the power of mindfulness and proactive living.

Fortunately, there’s a way out that doesn’t involve distracting yourself. A lot of people seek out healing in the arms of shadows and through things that really turn out to be vapor in the long run. There’s a way to heal that doesn’t hurt you. You can start today.

How People Become Dependent on Alcohol

Alcoholism is a raging problem in the United States. It is one of the leading preventable deaths and its grip on the neck seems strong as ever. People don’t just end up dependent on alcohol overnight. It is something that has many layers. What’s true about alcohol is that is impacts everybody differently. Not everyone who uses it will abuse it and some people have a natural predilection to do just that.

The reason why some people abuse and some don’t isn’t a question of morality or will power. It’s a combination of genetics, psychology and social conditioning that separates the person who drinks casually from the person who drinks to oblivion. Some people are programmed through their background to gravitate towards more extreme forms of drinking. They can’t control themselves and it’s those people who usually tend to become dependent.

When someone becomes dependent on alcohol they will change in a multitude of ways that make it quite obvious they have a problem. Some common signs of dependence include neglecting responsibilities, missing work, lying and even stealing. The person who is dependent on alcohol will go to any measure to maintain their aggravated buzz. At this point the family and loved ones may need to come to their aid as they literally have lost control. The best way for the family to help someone who is dependent on alcohol is to hold an intervention.

Do Interventions Work?

Holding an intervention for a loved one could be a really trying process, especially considering that the loved one may have burned a lot of bridges during their abuse. But, intervening into your loved one’s life is important and is a matter of life or death. Ego has no place in the process of interventions. The intervention is not here to make you feel better about yourself or list your grievances with the person. It is to help your loved one get help. Interventions work when the family is willing to put their own interests aside and seek the greatest good and health of the person who is suffering.

If you are wishing to put your ego aside and get your loved one help, it’s advised to hold an intervention with a specialist. A Better Today can provide the resources to get you an interventionist. When the interventionist is obtained, they will go through an interview process with the family to determine the outline of the intervention. Next, the family will develop a script to use for the intervention.

The most successful interventions incorporate a script and are held in a neutral environment that doesn’t bring back bad memories for the loved one. It’s also important to make sure that the intervention team is made up of people who are on relatively good terms with the loved one and won’t badger them with shame. An intervention can be a really bad thing if the person feels shame, which could lead them even further into the abyss of abuse. If the intervention is successful, the person will get help.

It’s encouraged for those who are seeking a rehab facility to go out of state. Traveling away from the negative influences that had fostered abuse is a great way to begin again and avoid the trappings of the past that ensnared you. A Better Today provides comfortable facilities with an encouraging and patient staff.

Paying for Treatment with A Better Today

Paying for treatment may seem like a road block for people trying to get treatment. But, it shouldn’t be. A Better Today makes sure that they provide people with a lot of payment options. They also take most insurance companies and the insurance companies can pay for most or all of the treatment.

How Hard will the Detox Process with A Better Today Be?

One of the scariest prospects for those who are seeking recovery is detox and the withdrawal symptoms associated with it. Detox cleanses the body of alcohol but in that process the body often goes into shock as it is deprived that it has grown acclimated and attached to. Typically, the withdrawal symptoms include shaking, nausea, insomnia. In some more extreme cases hallucination and seizures. Sometimes the seizures can result in death.

As such, it’s advised to have a medically supervised detox. A Better Today provides this service for their clients. Their goal is to make them as comfortable as possible. ABT administers various sedatives to counter act the shock the body is going though. The detox process should take no longer than 14 days and at end of it the client will be ready to start rehab.

Treatment with A Better Today

When the client goes into rehab they will be able to experience a wide array of therapy. We offer group and individual therapy along with exercise and wellness help. It’s important to incorporate exercise into your recovery program as healing is an integrated process that involves the mind, body and spirit. At individual therapy you will be paired with a master’s level therapist who is trained in psychology and co-occurring disorders. A lot of people who abuse alcohol have mental disorders that may have been allowed to fester with their abuse. Alcohol can serve as a coping mechanism with mental health but in many ways it could eventually exacerbate the issues. With the trained specialist, the person will be able to confront the various mental issues that have led them to abuse or whatever mental health issues they have in order to cope in the real world.

Group therapy is a beautiful way of allowing the client to heal in the arms of community. We make sure that the environment is loving and supportive for the client as they re-learn to engage people out of respect and not manipulation and lying. In the group therapy sessions, the client will gain motivation from the other people in treatment.

There is no timetable for finishing rehab. Every person who struggles with alcohol abuse has a unique story that’s unfolding in its own way and at ABT we respect their right to heal on their time. However, when the person and our staff feels the person is ready to leave the facility we will make sure their transition is seamless.

Some people are more comfortable going to a sober living facility rather than going straight back into the real world. ABT has sober living facilities for people who prefer this option. Recover is a complicated process that will involve a lot of people. When the person gets out of rehab it is suggested that they seek out a 12-step group and find a sponsor. Healing happens in community and it is important for the person to learn not to isolate themselves from others. A Better Today wants to help you or your loved one become whole and healed. The process of healing is hard, but every step you take is worth the future you are stepping into.

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