Alcohol Treatment for Residents of Utah

Utah is a beautiful state that encompasses many varieties of natural landscapes such as low and high desert and mountainous woodlands. It is easy to get lost in such beauty at first glance. But there is an underlying issue in Utah that may be distorted by its appeal. Utah like so many other states in the Union is under threat of alcohol abuse. This is an issue that has been prevalent throughout history. Its damage has been catastrophic. Fortunately, modern advances have determined that this is a mental illness, not a lack moral compass. Consequently, efforts have been taken by many to change this flawed perspective and shift the focus from punitive approaches to quality and effective treatment. A Better Today has worked to become a major player in helping those who are suffering from alcohol addiction.

Institutionalization has been the answer to the problem of alcoholism in modern times. This has not only been proven to be ineffective, but also inhumane and counter-productive in assisting those suffering in the process of self-improvement. Alcohol treatment is not only the humane solution, but the most constructive, yielding better success rates than that of incarceration. Approximately 60% of all people who go to prison for drug or alcohol offenses go back within 5 years. Jail does not provide long term coping skills or tools for productive living.

The consequences of alcohol abuse are all but certain. Alcohol is a detriment to psychological stability and physical functioning. Psychologically, alcohol impairs motor functions, memory, and decision-making. It can also lead to psychosis. These problems do not stop at the time the drinks stop coming.

Alcohol abuse can permanently damage the brain even after a person has ceased drinking. Therefore, it is vital to get help before it is too late.

Alcohol consumption can also cause the development of physical dependency, or addiction. It also can cause severe problems of the liver, heart, pancreas, mouth, throat, and breasts. Like the psychological effects, a person is also susceptible to permanent physical impairment. The sooner a person gets treatment, the better their chances of avoiding long-term ills.

Alcohol Treatment

Nobody will lie and say that recovering from alcohol addiction is easy. It can be an emotionally strenuous process, but it is also the pathway to freedom from not only alcohol abuse, but from feelings and thoughts that plagued the mind. Mental and emotional distress are the main cause of alcohol abuse. At A Better Today, we have licensed therapists that guide the addicted individual to develop new coping skills for such disdain.

The treatment approach at A Better Today consists of a medically assisted detox, rehabilitation, and the choice of continuous treatment options such as transitional living and intense outpatient treatment. This process stems from evidence-based methodology that has been proven to be most efficient in yielding long-term results.

The alcohol detoxification process is when a person is medically assisted in riding the body of alcohol and all other dangerous toxins. Detox is vital for a person who has been drinking alcohol heavily because the seizures from withdrawal can actually cause death. This procedure allows a person to counteract the chemicals from alcohol with that of a similar chemical compound as to not shock the body with abrupt discontinuance. It also minimizes or alleviates withdrawal symptoms in a reasonable amount of time.

Some withdrawal symptoms that are common when ceasing alcohol intake include headaches, nausea, vomiting, shaking, sweating, insomnia, and hallucinations. Withdrawal symptoms are never easy to overcome. Many people continue to drink in order to avoid withdrawal. But with a medical detox in a controlled environment, it is not a problem. Once a person is able to get over the withdrawal, which generally takes a couple days to a week depending on certain variables , he/she is then able to get on the path of recovery.

Evidence-based Rehab

Rehabilitation from alcohol consists of a variety of psychotherapeutic practices that have been proven to be most effective. A Better Today utilizes several forms of treatment to make sure that clients are able to choose what works best for them. There is group and individual therapy, music and art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, and several other credible methods. It is important that a person has access to various forms of constructive self-expression.

Individual therapy is conducted in a private and confidential setting with a licensed professional. The therapist guides the client in efficiently addressing emotional and mental distress that may have caused alcohol abuse in the first place. Clients are generally more open and honest about his/her uncomfortable feelings and thoughts when they are speaking one-on-one with a compassionate and sympathetic professional.

Group therapy is utilized with the purpose of helping clients develop communication skills that may have been lost in addiction. In many cases, a person actually used alcohol in order to be social because without it, they may have felt awkward in social settings. Group therapy allows the person to develop those skills without the use of alcohol. Healthy communication among peers who are in the same struggle has been proven to be very therapeutic.
Group and individual therapy along with the other methods are used at A Better Today because of the undeniable value of effectively shifting emotions and thoughts to more productive avenues that were being suppressed with alcohol.

Interventions are often necessary to getting a person into treatment. This can be done among the family and friends, but it is recommended that an intervention specialist be present in order to make sure it has a positive effect and does not deter someone from getting help. Often times a person is not willing to admit he/she has a problem or they feel an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. The intervention should not be a bashing session, rather an uplifting and compassionate meeting where loved one’s express concern and care.

Remember that substance abuse is a medical condition. The suffering individual is not his or her own self under the influence and has developed mental and emotional coping mechanisms to fend of guilt and shame. These mechanisms have been adversely effective and life-threatening. Family and friends should not intensify those guilty and shameful feelings. The primary goal of the intervention is to convince the person to get help. Negative feelings could easily lead the person back to the bottle, so to speak.

There was a time when a loved one was a genuinely good person, but being caught up in the grips of alcoholism caused a dramatic shift in his/her psyche. We do not shoot our wounded at A Better Today. Regardless of the harm caused by the person’s alcoholism, we want to approach them with compassion and empathy.

Help is a phone call away

Guilt and shame are counter-productive on the road to self-discovery and self-improvement. It is easy for an addicted individual to lie to themselves about who they are because of the behaviors exhibited under the influence. But again, these are lies. Many others have experienced the same struggle, and they have also been able to get help and discover that they are descent and worthy human beings. You can too. Please do not wait to become a statistic.

A Better Today practices a high level of empathy, for our staff is full of individuals who have been through the same struggle on a personal level. This allows those suffering to recover in a comfortable environment where feelings of being judged are minimized.

Traveling for treatment is highly recommended. This allows a person to break away from the people, places, and things that were killing them. Still being so close to that comfort zone, it is easy to revert back into old habits. Traveling elsewhere increases the chances of successful treatment.
A Better Today accepts most insurance policies and private pay. But do not let money be the reason you or a loved one does not get help. Whatever your financial situation, there are options.

Please do not wait if you or a loved one is suffering. A Better Today is here to help. Call us today at (510) 246-8864.

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