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Syracuse is not immune from the debilitating force of alcoholism that has swept our nation. In 2012, about 21 percent of Onondaga County adults were binge drinkers, an increase in 6 percent since 2005 according to the American Journal of Public Health. The sad reality of alcoholism is that many people don’t ever seek help. In fact, most of people who struggle with substance abuse stay stuck in the quagmire—they never get out.

Alcohol abuse is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the country. From drunk driving accidents to alcohol poisoning to alcohol fueled violence; alcohol abuse leaves no stone unturned in its havoc. Alcohol abuse doesn’t have to end in disaster. People who are seeking help for their alcohol abuse have many options given the advances in science and psychology.

When someone begins drinking they may not be able to conceptualize how they might become dependent on it. People may start as social drinkers, but it’s quite easy to devolve into something more detrimental. The problem with alcohol is that it distorts the brain and people can easily become attached to that feeling. Those who are especially susceptible to abuse either have a genetic predisposition or a mental illness. In these cases, alcohol can exacerbate their issues and leave them tarnished for the long haul. What began as a room to escape in turned to a trap door—but there’s a window of hope. That window is A Better Today, which offers treatment programs designed to allow you a fresh perspective and an exit strategy from the revolving door of abuse.

The Trap Door of Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol abuse is not something to take lightly. When someone drinks heavily they are rewiring their mind, which can create dependence over time. Alcohol abuse inflicts damage to the mind, body and spirit. When someone drinks, they experience euphoria caused by the increase in dopamine brought on by the alcohol. Dopamine is located in the brain’s reward center. When someone drinks they trick their brain into producing a feeling of happiness. In other words, when someone gets drunk they perceive a deluded sense of happiness.

The sad truth is that alcohol is a depressant causing the dopamine effect diminishes over time. The feelings of blind euphoria end or aren’t as strong over time. When someone reaches this point in their drinking, they can either try and drink more in order to feel a stronger effect or cut bad. As someone chases after this vanquishing happiness, they risk developing a dependence. What started out as a means to find happiness turns into a devastating affliction: alcoholism.

What to Do If Someone Has Become Dependent on Alcohol?

The length of time it takes for someone to develop a dependence depends on the individual. For those who are genetically predisposed can stumble into alcoholism quicker than people who are not. However, once someone has reached the point of alcoholism, it’s important to try and get them assistance. Addiction is a public health matter and the best way for someone to recover from its snare is through rehab. The tricky part is trying to get the person you love into treatment. When someone is dependent on a substance, they are very much enslaved by it. They mostly likely don’t care about the damage it does to themselves, but the hope is that they are not too far gone to care about the hurt it causes others. As such, an intervention is a great way to translate this message to the person abusing alcohol as a means to get them help.

If you are interested in holding an intervention for your loved one, call A Better Today. At the very least we can help guide you through the ins and outs of intervention. It is strongly suggested for those who are looking to hold an intervention to use an intervention specialist. An intervention specialist provides the expertise in psychology and crisis management necessary to serve as an objective administrator for the intervention. Though ABT doesn’t have interventionists on staff, they can connect you with the resources to obtain one.

The goal of the intervention is to get your loved one in treatment. If they agree to get help, A Better Today is a great option. Studies have shown that traveling for treatment is the most successful ways to ensure that the person receives the help they need. Leaving the environment that nurtured their abuse helps the person not only begin a new life, but removes them from temptation.

Paying for Treatment

At A Better Today, we offer flexible payment options to meet the varying backgrounds of all our clients. We also accept most major insurance companies and most insurance companies have the ability to pay for most if not all of treatment.

Is Detox Really that Bad?

The truth of the matter is that detox is a hard process. It is not easy to forego something that you’ve developed a dependence on, let alone experience the various withdrawal symptoms associated with it. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include shaking, insomnia and vomiting. The more extreme conditions include hallucinations and seizures—the latter of which could result in death. The good news is that these symptoms can be mediated through the use of medication.

When you first come to A Better Today for treatment you will go through a medical examination before you begin the detox process. It’s important to be honest about your history with abuse so that the team can come up with the right plan for you. Our team will then give you benzodiazepines to help counter the symptoms you experience during detox. On average, detox could take up to 14 days depending on your use history but varies on a case by case basis. After you complete detox, your mind will be ready to begin the process of recovery.

Treatment with A Better Today

At A Better Today we offer several forms of treatment ranging from individual, group and art therapy. In individual therapy, the patient will be paired with someone who is a licensed therapist. In the sessions the patient will be able to learn coping mechanisms and heal from their past hurt. The therapists are also trained in co-occurring disorders, which are common for people who struggle with substance abuse.

Group therapy is important for several reasons. First, in the community that group therapy provides, the patient will be able to re-engage people. During alcohol abuse it’s easy to isolate yourself as you flounder in the self-destructive current of addiction. In the community, they will re-learn to communicate honestly and openly about their journey in recovery. A BETTER TODAY makes sure that the environment is loving and non-judgmental so that patients get a glimpse into how real life, positive relationships should function. Another important component of group therapy is that it serves as a motivating tool for the people in it. Motivation is a feedback loop, as one person finds success it can motivate others to do the same.

In group therapy, the patient will be introduced to the 12-step curriculum. The 12-step curriculum is a therapy tool to help people heal within community under the idea that the group is stronger than the individual in the fight for sobriety.

A Better Today is a loving family that creates a place where everybody is nurtured according to the rhythms of their soul. There is no one-size-fits-all approach or stringent methodology that we apply to every person. We make sure our treatment plans are individualized to meet everybody where they are in their journey to recovery. That said, there is no definitive timetable for completing therapy in our rehabilitation f facilities. Everybody has their own pace before they can successfully return to living live outside the facility.

However, when someone finishes rehab and enters the recovery stage, they have a couple options. They can either go back home or seek out a sober living facility. People who are trying to live a sober life are more successful if they go to a sober living facility after completing a rehabilitative program. A sober living facility is a transitional housing unit for people who have left rehab to live in as they adjust to living in a world free from their previous addiction. Many people have a hard time going straight back into society, so sober living facilities help make that transition smoother. A Better Today staffs the sober living facilities, so you will be able to stay with our trusted community if you decide to live in one. A Better Today is a family dedicated to your today and tomorrow. We want to make sure you are supported and treated as a valuable person, because you are.

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