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Alcoholism is a common subject matter in San Francisco. It is a disease that has manifested before our eyes, and is affecting a multitude of humans today. People start abusing alcohol for countless reasons. It is a run-of-the-mill to see abusers use alcohol as a method to escape from reality. It is also common that the abuser could use alcohol to mask and burry the pain they have experienced in childhood, like neglect and abuse. San Francisco is a growing city filled with friendly people, great activities, and breath-taking   scenery but alcoholism, predictably enough, is prevalent in the divine city. Indicators of alcohol and Other Drug Abuse noted, “Alcohol continued to rank first among treatment admis­sions in bay area programs, although these numbers have been declining over the past 4 years.”  Behind the person who abuses alcohol is someone who has a disease, someone who needs all the help they can get. We ensure you at A Better Today your loved one will not fight this battle alone.


It is sometimes hard for the alcohol abuser to take a practical view on what damage they have generated. They may not register that they are acting vulgar or unbalanced. It may seem that your loved one simply cannot see that they have hit a dilemma with abusing alcohol. It is normal for someone who abuses alcohol to need a bit of direction to assist a better understanding of how grave their problem is. It is prevalent to experience a feeling of failure. You feel as if you have tried doing everything you possibly could to free your loved one. You might feel like you have come to a standstill because everything you have tried has been unsuccessful. You are under the impression that the alcohol abuser does not want anything to do with putting down that drink. There is a possibility that your loved one needs some additional desire or ambition to request treatment because they do not feel honorable of exalting their lives. It might seem unrealistic for them to think of a life different from the one they are living.

Our facility has the capability to offer information you could utilize to get set up with an interventionist. The interventionist’s job is to get to know your loved one and the state of which they are in, and that will give them proposition on how they could help. There are hundreds and thousands of people out there that abuse alcohol. The interventionists will need fitting information to gain a better perspective of the circumstances and how they can better assist you.

We have sublime success rates with the way A Better Today goes about the intervention process. It would be beneficial to incorporate loved ones who truly care and want to assist the addicted person in the intervention process. Putting together the intervention during a period of sobriety is essential to a successful intervention. Also, it is ideal to organize the intervention in a place that is free from any triggers. You would not want to bring the alcohol abuser into anything but a positive environment.

We are in full understanding of the desolation it brings to watch a loved one abuse alcohol, so we will try many different techniques while engaging with the suffering person until we gain the results of a successful intervention. An intervention is the first step in the fulfilling life of recovery in. The next course of action is rehabilitation, treatment, and a life free from alcohol.

Detox & Withdrawal

Detoxifying a person’s body from alcohol can potentially be a life threating process. Detox is where you would be ridding the body of the awful chemicals in alcohol. Alcohol withdrawals can be a life threatening process. Withdrawals can start within hours of the final drink. Some minor signs of withdrawals are: tremors, nausea, chills, and joint pain. Some of the more major symptoms are seizures and hallucinations. These signs result in the beginning of the detox process.

It is prevalent that detox could be a frightening and invidious division is any addicted person’s treatment plan. It is possible that your loved one has experienced the inability to take care of their daily responsibilities without that first drink. Try to examine things from their perspective, not being able to function without that drink in the morning so, to conceptualize a long period of time without alcohol could seem repugnant to your loved one. We dispense services that can make the withdrawing period secure and as pleasant as possible. Our facility offers a devoted medical staff to establish your well-being and comfort during one of the most strenuous phases in your treatment.

When there is Abuse, there is Treatment and Rehabilitation

After detoxification, the next step in your adventure in recovery will be treatment and rehabilitation. Making the decision to come to treatment could look intimidating. Thinking of turning around the mistakes you have made can really scare you off. Throughout duration of your stay, the treatment and rehabilitation process will focus on helping your loved one become re-established with the outside world.  A Better Today is an inpatient rehabilitation center. Our treatment facility will match you with a therapist that best ensembles you and your history with alcohol. All of our therapists have education that has specialized in alcohol abuse counseling and co-occurring disorders. We diligently work with our clients individually to get to the foundation of their predicament to better understand there alcoholism. We will work on taking all of the adverse trials and tribulations life has launched your way, and turn them into reasons to find new dedications and speculations in life. We know that alcoholism affects each individual in different ways, and there is not a simple way out. We have different assets that will help every type of abuser including group and individual therapy sessions, relapse prevention, and medication management. We also offer yoga, music and art therapy, and exercise. That is the reason we find it so important to work very diligently in giving our clients access to really grasp the coping skills to life in recovery.

It is recommended to travel because recovering alcohol abusers tend to drift back to what is complacent, so extracting themselves from the area could be very constructive. Changing people, places, and things is key in a fruitful recovery. It will allow the abuser to be removed from any adversity that could be going on in their home town. It is expedient because it will allow them to have no disturbances so they can really focus on their recovery.

Our facility provides 24-hour supervision for your entire stay. There are numerous benefits for this type of treatment program. When you are disconnected and far removed from the temptations and old habits of your prior alcohol use abuse, it diminishes the chances that you or a loved one will endure a relapse when your treatment has been exulted.

A Better Today offers tools you can utilize in life following treatment. Intensive outpatient are groups during certain days of the week. We do recommend inpatient because it is proven to be more rewarding in most cases but it depends on the person. We offer outpatient programs that are successful as well for people who prefer different services. Our outpatient services provide personalized treatment plans, aftercare, sober living communities, and group counseling. It is our goal to help you become a better version of yourself.

Payment Options

At A Better Today we provide diverse payment options for our treatment program. We accept most insurance policies. After calling, you will work with an intake coordinator that will correspond with your insurance company and do their finest work and find a plan that accommodates both companies. If our company does not accept the policy you have, there are different courses of action you can take. We provide private payment plans, finance, and work with scholarships as well.

You might ask yourself, “Why would I pay for a program when some are free?” State- funded programs have extensive waiting lists, their success rates are not that elevated, and they have so many clients it does not give staff the time to have the one on one support the suffering person needs. It is important to us at A Better Today that our clients get the peer support they need to expand in their recovery and our staff is more than willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal so the recovery process is successful.

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