Alcohol Treatment for Residents of San Diego, California

San Diego is nothing short of paradise. You could even call it the perfect utopia. But like most cities, San Diego is not immune to the threats that society often encounters. One of these threats is drug and alcohol addiction. Major metropolitan areas such as San Diego are actually more prone to feeling the destruction of addiction due to its concentration of population where there is a much higher demand for these dangerous substances. But not to worry, there is help. If you live in San Diego and need to temporarily relocate to get away from the grips of your addiction, A Better Today is here to help.

Treatment is also more humane, seeing as that medical experts have determined that addiction is in fact a disease, not a moral deficiency or crime. A Better Today is joining the fight in shifting the false perceptions of the general public from drug and alcohol abuse being a choice to the reality that substance addiction is a health issue that must be medically and therapeutically assisted.

Alcohol addiction is a common threat to various psychological and physical functions. Psychologically, alcohol causes dependency and impairment to cognitive motor functioning. It has also been known to cause psychosis. The most important thing to remember is that these psychological consequences can be permanent if not dealt with immediately.

Physical dependence is also consistent with alcohol abuse as well as damage to the liver, heart, pancreas, mouth, throat, and breasts. These damages can be permanent if not treated with proper medical care . The sooner a person gets treated, the better their chances of not experiencing long-term effects.

Alcohol Treatment

Treatment for alcohol abuse can be a grueling process by which a person must tap into their inner conflicts that lead to heavy drinking to begin with It is definitely worth trying, however, as the risks of continuous alcohol abuse are catastrophic, while the reward of finding help is beyond imagination, especially while under the influence.

At A Better Today, treatment consists of detox and rehab with the option of continuous services such as intense outpatient treatment and transitional living. A Better Today uses evidence-based methodology that has been proven to be most effective. Treatment allows the person to rid his/her mind and body of the negative effects of alcohol and begin establishing healthier coping mechanisms.
Detoxification for alcohol abuse is the process in which the chemicals in alcohol are counteracted with other agents of similar chemical structure in order to minimize or alleviate withdrawal symptoms within a reasonable amount of time. This is done under professional medical supervision.

Withdrawal symptoms can include but may not be limited to headaches, nausea, vomiting, shaking, sweating, insomnia, and hallucinations. Alcohol is one of the only substances that can cause lethal withdrawal symptoms, usually in the form of seizures . This is why the detox process is extremely important. Ridding the body of alcohol is also vital to continue the process of combatting the mental aspects of the illness that have caused so much pain.

A person cannot address these issues efficiently when under the influence of unhealthy psychoactive substances. Once this process is over, which generally takes 2 days to a week with proper medical monitoring, the therapeutic aspect can begin.

Evidence-based Rehab

Alcohol rehab encompasses various psychotherapeutic approaches to alcoholism. A Better Today offers a variety of methods that have been proven to work including individual and group, cognitive behavioral therapy, music and art, equine, strength and yoga, family, nutrition, and life skills.

Individual therapy allows a person to communicate his/her issues in a confidential and private setting with a licensed professional therapist. This method allows the ridding of the mind from toxic thoughts and feelings that have been a hindrance and causing alcohol abuse. A person is more likely to be honest in this environment, and honesty of one’s condition is a key step in moving forward.

Group therapy allows the development of social skills and communication that may have been lost in alcoholism. Maybe the person used alcohol in order to have such skills and in this case, group therapy helps a person learn these skills without the use of alcohol.

Other forms of therapy are also aimed at teaching tools that allow people to express their inner turmoil and emotions with healthier avenues that were supplemented with alcohol. Effectively addressing and expressing one’s conflicts and internal realities brings about a shift in attitude and perception that can help those find a peace that deters them from drinking.
Often times, a person may not realize or be willing to come to terms with his/her alcohol problem. This is where the intervention can play a big role in getting someone the help they need. A Better Today has certified intervention specialist that can guide the family, friends, and the suffering person in a controlled and professional environment.

It is important that the family and friends understand that their loved one is not themselves due to the intense effects of alcoholism. The primary goal of the intervention is to get the person help. This involves practicing sympathy and understanding for their condition rather than attack their character for the behaviors they have exhibited under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol abuse causes feelings of guilt and shame that are in turn treated with alcohol, leading to a vicious cycle. Amplifying and intensifying these feelings is only counter-productive and can lead to an unsuccessful intervention.

Family and friends are sure to remember that there was a time when their loved one was a genuinely good person that would have never condemned themselves to the harsh realities of alcohol addiction. That is why this is considered a disease. So give yourself or your loved one a break. Though an intervention specialist is not necessary, it is highly recommended because of their knowledge of effective approaches.

Help is a phone call away

Please do not allow guilt and shame to deter you from receiving the help you need and building the life you deserve. Many people have experienced the same hardships that alcohol abuse brings. Thousands have also pulled themselves from the grips of alcoholism and are now living lives they may have never imagined while being trapped in the dark world of addiction.

Please do not be a statistic. A Better Today even staffs many employees that have personally been through the struggle, so you will have comfort in knowing you are surrounded by people who have gotten help and are now living fulfilling drug- and alcohol-free lives. Though you may not agree right now, your life is worth fighting for. Please do not allow the disease to tell you any differently.

It is very often recommended that the person travel for treatment. The reason being that removing the addicted person from their unhealthy comfort zones highly increases the chances that they will stay in treatment and not revert back to old habits and behaviors. Anything that can be done to increase the chances of success in treatment is worth the effort.

Paying for treatment should not be an issue. A Better Today accepts most insurance policies. Money should never be the issue when dealing with the disease of alcohol addiction. Whatever the case may be, there are options out there.

If you or a loved one is suffering, please do not wait any longer. Help is a phone call away. Please call A Better Today Recovery Services today at (510) 246-8864.

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