The Battle with Alcoholism in Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah is well known for its district of picturesque waterfalls, soaring mountains, panoramic views, and friendly people. Being the third-largest district in Utah, Provo is an admirable place to live, find employment, and explore; mainly because of the accessibility to recreational areas.

Provo has brought attention by arranging its tenants with the finest convenience to live the life that they desire. The city of Provo provides unique opportunities for individuals with artistic backgrounds, ranging from fine cuisine to beautiful art. The city also provides ample entertainment from comedy gigs and rooftop jam sessions, to film festivals and outdoor summer cinemas along with diverse nightly celebrations.

From religious ceremonies to recreational use and revelry, alcohol is consumed in a vast array of settings. Knowing that alcohol is present across every culture and socioeconomic line, there is no question as to why overindulging is a common occurrence. These accounts of range from comical to tragic in the fate and role of the subject. The overuse of alcohol typically does not end well or cast the individual in a good light. This is the tragic nature of alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse.

Dangers of Alcoholism

Aside from its social hindrances, alcoholism also poses many health risks for the user. The most familiar health effects of alcohol abuse damage to the liver. These damages include hepatitis, fibrosis, cirrhosis (a condition in which the liver no longer functions properly due to the damage over a long period of time), and steatosis, also known as “fatty liver.” Alcoholism can also lead to pancreatitis, which is a condition that prevents proper digestion through dangerous inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels. This is caused by the pancreas releasing toxins into the body. Additional health risks caused by alcohol abuse include weakened immune system and damages to the heart.

We understand the effects of alcoholism and we are here to help.

Intervention to Abstention

Requesting treatment is not as difficult as it appears. Recovery is possible. There is a sunshine at the finish of the gloomy tunnel. You will not recover overnight but you can recover at your own pace, one day at a time. We assure you that at A Better Today, your loved one will not fight this battle alone.

It can be an exhausting burden for anyone that is abusing alcohol to pursue treatment. Alcohol abuse can stem from many different areas in one’s life, trauma, environment, and genetics all play a role. Holding an intervention could give direction to your loved one and influence them to find treatment. It is common that the alcohol abuser does not know how worthy and deserving they are to live a life worth living, without the use of alcohol.

There is a possibility you feel like you have tried everything you could think of to get your loved one to seek treatment. Alcoholics are usually in a state of denial about their problem, hence why your frothy emotional appeals seldom suffice. You settle for an impression that your loved one may never want anything to do with putting aside that drink.

At A Better Today we provide valuable skills and resources you can employ to get set up with an interventionist. People who abuse alcohol walk with the same demons just different paths. It will be the interventionist’s duty to get a clear understanding of the alcohol abuser’s reputation. That will allow them to get a clean idea of the situation and what they can do to help.

Holding the intervention over a span of sobriety is imperative to a success. Construct the intervention in an atmosphere that is far removed n uplifting environment.

One of the most effective tools for a successful intervention is choosing the right people to use in the process. It is effective for your team to consist of spouses, close friends, children, and parents. It would be best to not include any family members or friends that might cause more harm than good. That could be someone who will not be beneficial to the process or has had an abusive history with your loved one. An intervention process is frightening enough and you do not need to encompass anyone that could possibly make it less efficient.

At A Better Today we are fully aware of the havoc it brings to care for a loved one who is dependent on alcohol. If you are thinking twice about holding an intervention, recognize that helping them seek treatment is the greatest thing you could do for them. You do not want to obsess over it until it is too late.

An intervention is the first step in the process of finding a life in recovery. The next steps you will take are detox, treatment, and rehabilitation from a life free from alcohol.

Withdrawals and Detox

Detox can be an aggressive and disagreeable experience in the majority of an alcohol abuser’s treatment plan. Observing things from their aspect, it is clear to deliberate that detoxing may seem distasteful. It’s possible that your loved one may not be capable of functioning without that drink in the morning, so to go a lasting span of time without alcohol could seem repugnant to the alcohol abuser.

Withdrawing can be a life threatening process. It is a process that cleanses the body of the frightful chemicals alcohol contains. Withdrawals can start within hours of the concluding drink. Some minor signs of withdrawals are: tremors, nausea, chills, and joint pain. Some of the more major signs are seizures and hallucinations.

We offer services that can make the withdrawing period easy, comfortable and as caring as possible. At A Better Today, we have a staff of experienced professionals to help treat those who are suffering from alcohol abuse. Quality care provided in a clean and comfortable facility.

Recreating your Life with Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment and rehabilitation is going to be the next step in your treatment plan after the detox process. Your journey with alcohol is an original story. That being said, we will pair you with one of our therapist that would best suit you and your experiences with alcohol. We deliberately work with our clients to get to the basics of their struggle in order to better comprehend their alcoholism. All our therapists have master’s level or higher education that is specialized in alcohol abuse counseling and co-occurring disorders. We work person to person with our clients. Our therapist’s objective is to get to the heart of the drinking problem.
We have adequate understanding that alcohol affects every person in different ways. This is not a “one size fits all” illness. We have multiple therapies that will help every type of individual from medication management, group and individual therapy sessions, and relapse prevention. We also offer music and art therapy, yoga, and exercise. Through the use of many different treatment methods, we wish to empower our clients with the coping skills necessary to live a fun filled life in recovery.

A recovering alcoholic will commonly gravitate back to what they know best, drinking. Removing themselves from their home town surroundings is worthwhile. It is advised to travel for treatment. This will provide the person seeking treatment the ability to focus solely on their treatment without  distractions from outside. Changing people, places, and things is indispensable in a successful recovery. Switching up the environment will allow the person that abuses alcohol to have no downfall so they can really focus on becoming a better more authentic version of themselves.

Our inpatient facility provides 24-hour care for the whole interval of your stay. There are endless benefits for this type of treatment program. When you are isolated and eliminated from the urges and old demeanor of your previous alcohol abuse, it decreases the chances that you or a loved one will bear a relapse when treatment has been completed.

The Life After

A Better Today offers services that your loved one can apply in life after treatment. Having a well-established aftercare plan is pivotal for someone trying to live in recovery.
Intensive outpatient groups take place during certain days of the week. We offer outpatient programs that are effective to people who would be better assisted by different services. Our outpatient services administer personalized treatment plans, aftercare, sober living communities, and group counseling. It is our duty to help you become a better version of yourself.

Can’t afford Treatment?

There are a many reasons an individual might not search for treatment. Rehabilitation and treatment can be pricey, but most likely not as costly as you may think. At A Better Today we administer an ample amount of assorted payment options. We accept a majority of insurance policies. If our company does not accept the insurance policy you have, there are different directions you can take. We provide private pay plans, finance, and work with scholarships as well.

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