Philadelphia’s History with Alcohol

Philadelphia is the fifth most populated city in the United States with over 1.5 million people. Home of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Liberty Bell, this city has rich history and culture. Home to many of the United States’ “firsts,” such as the first library, the first medical school, the Marine Corps, the first business school, and the first stock exchange Philadelphia has a rich history.

With a lively night life, Philadelphia has a solid foundation built on the use of alcohol. In the beginning of 2013 alcohol made up over 39 percent of all primary treatment admissions for alcohol rehab and 42 percent in 2012. This statistic suggests the admissions are getting better but are still an issue. This substance also does not discriminate against age. Thirty-five percent of the youth population were treated for alcohol in 2012.

Alcohol is prevalent all over the world. It can be seen in many places from TV commercials, neighborhood convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants. Many people enjoy a glass of wine with their dinner or a cold beer at a sporting event. Alcohol has been used for centuries to bring people together. However, there has been one insurmountable force that has separated families, friends and spouses while destroying dreams year after year. This paralyzing force is alcohol dependency.

What is Alcohol Dependence and What Are Options for Help?

No one asks to become dependent. It happens as the brain is rewired. The dopamine (which is a chemical released in the brain) produced by the alcohol reaches such high levels that the glutamate in the brain stores that “euphoric feeling” into memory, creating an overwhelming craving for alcohol.

Someone you love may be trapped in the grips of alcohol dependency and/or refuses help. This is where an intervention may be necessary to open your loved one’s eyes to the damage their drinking causes not only to them but everyone they love. An intervention is a process where the family of the dependent person voice their love and concern for the alcohol addicted person while outlining the damage being done and encouraged.

An intervention does not go well when the person who is dependent feels attacked, shamed, or degraded. Usually interventions are held by professionals but you can host one yourself if you feel comfortable doing so. An intervention could be the open door to your loved one finding sobriety and freedom.

Over the years, programs have been created to help treat alcohol dependency. There are many different options now available to help those who struggle with this disease. Some of the options include inpatient, outpatient, transitional housing, sober living, different therapy methods, and access to the 12-step community. Here at A Better Today we offer these services to encourage sobriety, healing and living free of alcohol addiction.

It has been proven successful for someone to travel for treatment and break away from the environment they drank in. Going out of town or even to a different state for treatment can be beneficial in many ways. Getting away from the people and places they used in or with can minimize chances of relapse. Escaping a living situation that has someone stressed or upset and gives them a chance to heal and work on some issues that have been affecting their life; mainly alcohol dependency. Traveling for treatment can provide a fresh start and an open door to a new life.

What Does Treatment Consist of?

A Better Today offers various programs for treatment. Inpatient is the most common and has proven more effective than other methods, though the other styles of treatment have proven successful as well. Inpatient, sometimes called residential, programs offer 24-hour live-in care throughout the process. Outpatient services allow for the dependent person to live at their current residence and attend treatment sessions on specific days. This makes it easier to tend to their important responsibilities while receiving care for their alcoholism.

Both inpatient and outpatient utilize various forms of therapy. Some different styles of therapy include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), art/ music therapy, equine, individual, group, and family therapy. These styles are all designed to help the afflicted person and their families heal from the disease of alcoholism while teaching coping skills needed to live a life free from alcohol.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a commonly used method of therapy that teaches coping skills to help prevent the dependent person from relapse after leaving treatment. Group therapy gathers individuals together in a setting where they can share openly about what they are going through. They can also receive feedback from those who are in the same boat. In addition, there is an administrator with a Master’s level degree. This setting reinforces that the dependent person is not alone.

Individual therapy allows for the person who is dependent to meet with a professional therapist one-on-one and express his/her feelings. They are also able to learn coping skills to aid in their sobriety while learning the root of their alcoholism.

Family therapy offers an open door for the dependent person and their families. The goal is to reopen channels of communication that have been estranged due to alcohol dependency. Understanding how important open communication is to their loved one’s recovery really propels the recovery process for all involved.

Alcohol Rehab at A Better Today

Rehabilitation is a great resource to help those who are alcohol dependent seeking help. The desire to make a change is necessary to make a change happen. If you a have found yourself dependent on alcohol and your life is unmanageable or you have a loved one who is struggling or is unmanageable reach out to A Better Today. We can open the door to sobriety and freedom.

Here at A Better Today we utilize the most up-to-date treatment methods proven by scientific studies that recognize alcoholism as a disease. We also realize that each individual has their own needs, circumstances, and goals. We make sure to keep these facts in mind when developing our client’s personalized treatment plan.

Every treatment plan starts off with a medical supervision of withdrawals in which all the harmful chemicals and toxins are released from the body. This is done in a medically managed setting. We also have highly qualified staff who specialize in treating alcohol dependency. Our main goal is to set our client’s up for success. Once these chemicals are removed from the dependent person’s body they will have a fresh start upon entering treatment with a clear mind and new outlook.

Asking for Help

It is not easy to ask for help. It requires a lot of courage and to admit defeat. Though alcohol may have taken you or your loved one to a very dark place, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are people who understand and who care about saving lives and healing families from the effects of alcoholism.

At A Better Today we understand that covering the cost of treatment can be a strenuous process, which is why we offer different options to help make things easier. We accept most private insurances which means you can get most of your treatment covered. We also provide a cash-pay option for those who aren’t covered under any insurance. In addition to these options, we provide scholarship funding to those who may have to pay entirely out of pocket for the services. Please don’t let anything stop you from getting the help you need and deserve. We want to help walk you down the road to recovery. Give us a call today at (520) 288-8484 and let the healing begin.

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