Peoria, AZ

A city that sits in both the Maricopa and Yavapai counties, Peoria is one of Phoenix’s major suburbs. The area sits at just over 154,000 residents (according to the census in 2010) making it the sixth largest city for land area and the ninth largest for population in Arizona. In July 2008, Peoria was listed in the Top 100 Places to Live by Money Magazine.

While the city sits on a myriad of historical sites, stories, is connected to the rest of Phoenix by the Loop-101, along with many other wondrous sights to behold, it is no stranger to alcoholism. Substance abuse is a disease and a mental illness, but all too often it is punished as a crime instead of being treated. Instead of locking up drug abusers and alcoholics they need to be offered treatment so that they can be rid of the horrific disease that has gripped their entire life. With the right therapy, the right tools, and the right treatment it is possible to beat alcoholism and live a free, sober life. A Better Today offers the kind of help needed to overcome alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism: Highway to the Danger Zone

Alcoholism is, to put it plainly, a scourge that corrupts, destroys, and demeans its victims and their lives. They say that knowledge is power, so the goal here is to give you as much power as is available so that you can face this disease. It’s hard to know your recovery without knowing the nature of your addiction. Alcohol abuse has been tied to a wide variety of psychological, neurological, and physical problems all of which get more severe the more the dependent the body is. Regular consumption of alcohol in high quantities has both long term and short term side effects that you need to be aware of.

One of the most common forms of alcohol abuse is called binge drinking. You are probably already familiar with this, whether personally or simply hearing of it. Binge drinking is the rapid consumption of alcoholic beverages, generally more than four drinks within a short period of time, usually under two hours. This particular method of alcohol abuse has shown itself to be prevalent in ages 17-28 in party scenarios, showing peer pressure to be a very powerful thing. Alcoholism in this form is especially deadly because it presents a much higher risk of alcohol poisoning which, while predominantly a short-term effect, can be fatal if not treated quickly.

Alcohol poisoning has a list of unpleasant symptoms including vomiting, seizures, clammy skin, confusion, and dulled reflexes. Dulled reflexes may not seem like it is in league with the other side-effects, but it can actually be more fatal than all the others combined. This symptom can also suppress your gag reflex and if you pass out while this occurs, there is the possibility of choking and drowning in your own vomit and saliva. None of this is pleasant and that is why alcohol poisoning needs to be treated immediately, for your own sake and for the sake of your friends and family.

Alcohol abuse has also been connected to some highly unpleasant long-term side-effects that can be incredibly miserable, if not fatal. Your heart can be afflicted with hypertension, a higher risk of heart attacks, and your pancreas is at a higher risk of pancreatitis and cancer. A common side-effect that most are aware of is the damage that alcohol abuse does to your liver, whether by cirrhosis or cancer. One set of side-effects you may be unaware of are the neurological problems regular alcohol consumption can present, such as stroke, memory loss, and dementia.

A Brighter Tomorrow with A Better Today

A Better Today Recovery Services employs skilled therapists and medical staff. Our therapists are all educated at a Master’s level and specialize in addiction counseling and similar subjects. We offer numerous forms of therapy and are able to give medical supervision of withdrawal symptoms as they arise during treatment. We’re here to help you get back to living your life the way it was meant to be lived: clear, sober, and healthy.

We refuse to employ any “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Treatment doesn’t come in an infomercial and there is no magic-pill. ABT knows this and offers specialized treatment plans for rehab, each and every one of them tailored to fit the individual needs of the person suffering from addiction.

Some withdrawal symptoms are easily manageable while others require immediate medical attention. Be mindful of the following side-effects that may be indicative of severe alcohol withdrawal: shaking, shivering, irregular heart rate, sweating, high body temperature, seizures, tremors of extremities, paranoia, hallucinations (auditory, visual, or tactile), or severe anxiety. If any of these symptoms arise during detox from severe alcohol dependency, make an emergency call immediately.

Two of our methods of treatment therapy are group and individual therapy. These focus on the person’s subconscious reasons for abusing a substance, whether they be stress at work or dramatic family members. In group therapy you will sit with several other recovering alcoholics and share experiences with one another. The therapist will work with the members as a group and encourage drawing strength and inspiration from one another. Sometimes our clients feel it is difficult to share in a group however, which is why we also employ individual therapy. These one-on-one sessions often make the client feel safer and more confident in tell their life story, making it easier for the therapist to discover the underlying factors for the substance abuse.

Once our therapists know what is making you drink, we will then begin working with you to build skills and techniques to resist alcohol in the future. These skills will be employed in a safe, controlled environment until you are strong enough to live an addiction free life.

While group and individual therapy are incredibly successful in their own right, they are not the only therapy methods we offer. In truth we offer many different forms of therapy: music and art therapy, family therapy, equine therapy (yes, we use horses as therapy), and even strength and yoga therapy. We want to tackle addiction from any and all possible angles and heavily encourage physical activity during recovery.

Overcoming addiction requires knowledge, understanding, and the right approach. A Better Today provides techniques backed by fact-based research that is leading the industry to new places. This is why we have so many different methods of therapy during our treatment process. Not only have our programs saved lives but we have restored families across the country.

Leave the Triggers Behind

There are many ways to ensure that your treatment and rehab goes as smoothly as possible. We at ABT want to make sure you get the most out of your experience so that your life can begin anew without the plague of addiction and dependency. For this reason, we heavily encourage travelling for treatment. While it may be hard to leave home, it’s important to note that home may be what is triggering your alcoholism: whether it’s a stressful job, stressful relationships, family pressure, peer pressure, or simple habit. These triggers can cause you to relapse and undo all the hard work you’ve done at treatment.

Getting out and traveling to a new location can give you some perspective and a fresh new environment to heal in. Let ABT guide you in your rehab and teach you the skills you need to live a better life.

Nothing should get in the way of treatment and healing, especially your wallet. That is why ABT has designed affordable payment plans for you to pay for treatment with, so that you or your loved one can come and get the treatment they deserve for a reasonable price. We also accept most private insurance, which may even cover the entire cost. Pick up the phone and dial (520) 288-8484 now to speak to a member of the ABT team who can give you all the necessary information to get you started. Forge a sober path with A Better Today.

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