What is The History of Pennsylvania and Alcohol Abuse?

Pennsylvania holds a population of over 12 million making it the ninth most populated of the 50 states in America. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Reading and the state capital Harrisburg are the states most populated cities. Philadelphia, PA is home to many originals like the Liberty Bell, the cheesesteak sandwich, water ice, soft pretzels, and TastyKakes. These novelties are enjoyed by tourists as well as natives to the city. Pennsylvania has a lot of history and was originally founded in 1681.
The use of alcohol has been very instrumental in the lives of many in society throughout history and has been influential in the lives of many people all around the world. You can see alcohol displayed in many places, from the movies, to the convenience store, to most restaurants you eat in, to the family grocery store. The frequency and amount of alcohol a person drinks varies. A study done in 2013 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) stated that around 1.3 million people received treatment for an alcohol dependency in 2013 alone.

What does Alcohol Abuse Awareness Look Like?

Alcohol dependency can happen to anyone and it is sometimes hard for the dependent person to realize they have a problem. Some of the signs of dependency in the beginning are drinking to relax or decompress, and when a dependency is established engaging in lies and other behavior that try to hide the dependency, drinking despite consequences (such as when driving), and building a continuing tolerance for alcohol due to excessive drinking. There is hope for those who struggle with an alcohol dependency, help is available in many forms.
Someone you know and love, or you yourself may be struggling with an alcohol abuse problem. Seeking treatment may be hard if the person is still in denial that they have a problem or they may realize they need help but just don’t know how ask for it. When someone is suffering with alcohol abuse they are not able to see the damage being done by their behavior because they are so engrained in it. Relationships become estranged, households are torn apart, opportunities are missed and dreams are destroyed due to the effects of this problem.
In regards to Alcohol treatment it involves intervention (if necessary), detox/stabilization, inpatient/outpatient services, aftercare, and sober living accommodations. These resources all help to build a solid foundation for a fulfilling life without the use of alcohol. At A Better Today we utilize many different proven methods that can cultivate a successful walk in sobriety.

What Does Treatment Consist Of?

If you have a loved one who is suffering with an alcohol abuse issue living in Pennsylvania and is in denial or refuses help, an intervention may be necessary. Detox is a necessary step for entering into recovery. Alcohol withdrawals can be very serious and if not done under a supervised setting can be fatal. It is important to get medically stabilized before entering into inpatient/outpatient. Inpatient requires the person struggling to stay 24/7 for a variable number of days (anywhere form 28+) to receive care. Outpatient consists of groups throughout the week that provide alcoholism education, support, and management.
This flexibility allows for a person seeking services to live at home and attend services on the given nights. While Inpatient has proven to be more effective outpatient also has its benefits. Aftercare is also a very important support put in place to help your loved on in their sobriety. Here at A Better today we utilize all of these comprehensive tools to format a successful opportunity for recovery. We also provide the option of sober living communities which are housing options upon leaving treatment available to the person struggling with alcohol abuse so that they can build support and walk with others on the same path as they are.
Detox is a very crucial phase of entering recovery because during this period the toxins and chemicals produced by the alcohol are cleansed from the body. The brain has become dependent on the high levels of dopamine the alcohol provided. Withdrawal happens when the person stops drinking and the brain and the body begins to crave a drink. The intensity of alcohol withdrawal can be so serious that it can cause seizures, fever, nausea, vomiting and headaches.
It is best for detox to be medically supervised because withdrawal and detox from alcohol can be fatal if not observed and treated properly. Here at A Better Today we offer a supervised medically managed detox and stabilization period to ensure a successful process. This allows the person struggling with alcohol abuse to enter treatment with a clear mind and a healthy body.
Upon completing the detox phase rehab is the next step. During this phase your loved one who is struggling with alcohol will have many services and resources available to them to help them overcome this destructive force. Rehab includes different forms of therapy, such as art and music therapy, to equine and yoga therapy, to group and individual therapy. These encourage new coping skills that enhance the process of recovery and help the client to engage in treatment.

How is therapy handled at A Better Today?

The following information goes more in depth on the specific types of therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy provides education and necessary skills for living life after treatment. Individual therapy is one on one with a Master’s level therapist with the person being able express their feelings and get guidance from a professional. Group therapy offers a platform for multiple individuals to share their experience and feelings openly and honestly under the guidance of a Master’s level therapist as well as sharing with others who maybe going through the same situation. Family therapy is an important therapy too because it offers an open door for families to reconnect and communicate moving toward and goal of reunification through the individuals sobriety.

Rehab with A Better Today

Change may be necessary if you or your loved one have found that they cannot control their drinking, it is affecting every area of their lives and they don’t know how to stop. Rehab would be a great open door to sobriety and breaking the chains of alcohol dependency. Help is available don’t hesitate to ask for it.
Here at A Better Today we respect that every individual has their own personal needs and we do our best to accommodate that by developing personalized treatment plans for each person. We want to set up the best treatment options for each individual.
Pennsylvania is a beautiful, full state and we provide services to those who live in this area. We also encourage going outside of your “stomping” grounds a.k.a places where you have drank and socialized because it gives you a clean slate for focusing on treatment with minimal distraction.
If you know someone who has a serious drinking problem but refuses to seek help or accept it an intervention may the process that can jumpstart their recovery. An intervention is where the loved ones of the person struggling all gather together to voice their care, love and concern for their alcohol dependent loved one. Usually, this process is directed by a professional but there is always the option of hosting one yourself. A successful intervention is one where the dependent person agrees to go to rehab realizing the damage their problem has caused their loved ones and themselves.
It is not easy to ask for help or to accept it, but what lies on the other side is far greater than the fear of change. A Better today Is here with open arms willing and ready to help anyone who wants to make a change in their life and end the damage the alcohol abuse has caused. Everyone deserves a chance at a fulfilling life treatment at A Better Today can help open the door to the path of freedom and a new life. Covering the cost of treatment doesn’t have to be a strenuous process, with the help of insurance you may be able to have most of your treatment cost covered. We also offer scholarships that could greatly reduce the cost!! Give us a call today and let the healing process begin.

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