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Orange County, California is a beachside paradise that has a striking resemblance to what most would consider an absolute utopia. Whether you enjoy riding the waves, getting in tune with the best nature has to offer or diving into the modern metropolitan infrastructure; Orange County encompasses the best of all worlds.

There is an underlying issue in Orange County that plagues its residents much like it does in most cities and has since the beginning of human civilization: Alcoholism is a detriment to all aspects of life and can lead to death if not treated properly.

We see alcohol everywhere in our society. It is social fixture and has been since civil inception. Alcohol, in some form, has been used for ritual, religion and social purposes throughout history in most cultures. The social acceptability of alcohol presents dangers, is helps remove the stigma and dismisses the inherent dangers.

Alcoholism, however, has never been socially acceptable. In fact, it is common to condemn those who abuse alcohol as morally bankrupt, and even so far as to treat alcoholic like criminals. But modern scientific research has proven that a shift in perception is much needed. Thanks to exponential growth in the medical field, alcoholism is now considered a disease rather than moral deficiency. This calls for new solutions to the problem; approaches that aim to help the suffering person as opposed to punishing them for their problems with alcohol.

Jailing people for abusing alcohol and other drugs has been the default answer to solving the problem. As we see in the prison system, this just isn’t effective. Over half of all inmates who are jailed as a direct result of drinking and drug use return to jail within a year of being released. These are not the results of a fundamentally pragmatic solution. Since alcoholism is, in fact, a disease, it should be treated as such in society and the eyes of the law. A Better Today adopts a scientific based approach and aims to provide quality care that is effective and yields positive results.

The problem with punishing alcoholics with incarceration is that it only intensifies feelings of guilt, shame and self-loathing which are already prevalent in those who abuse alcohol. When these feelings are amplified, it is only natural for them to revert to the coping mechanism they have grown accustomed to; alcohol. When a person is treated with compassion and understanding, they are far more likely stay sober, which is exactly what treatment does. it is important to recognize alcoholism as a disease and utilize effective therapy methods in treatment for substance abuse. Thankfully, there are many quality treatment centers in Orange County. If you want to get a little out of town, but not go too far, Rancho Cucamonga drug treatment is a great option also.

Treatment that Works

Treatment at A Better Today consists of two major phases; medical supervision of withdrawal and inpatient rehabilitation. Continuous treatment is offered in the form of sober and transitional living, as well as intensive outpatient treatment.

Withdrawal symptoms can be intense, fatal and are often the reason people are unable to stop drinking; which is part of why it is considered a disease. People who abuse alcohol are not able to cease alcohol consumption even when they desire. Side effects from the discontinuance of alcohol intake include, but are not limited to, sweating, shaking, hallucinations, insomnia, nausea and anxiety. The main reason it is important for an alcohol abuser to seek medical assistance while detoxing is that abrupt discontinuance without medical supervision can cause life-threatening seizures.

At A Better Today, we employ a medical staff to oversee the withdrawal process in a controlled environment. The idea is to minimize withdrawal symptoms, as much as possible, so a person is comfortable during the process. This is done with counter-acting medications that are decreasingly administered as to ween the person completely off of mind or mood altering chemicals. This is also an important process because it is impossible for a person to soak in the valuable information and life skills that the rehabilitation process has to offer while still under the influence of toxic chemicals. Once the alcohol is out of the system, clients have to capability to undergo inpatient rehab with a cleansed body.

There is no effective standardized treatment plan for individuals and this is why A Better Today employs master’s level therapists to assess each client to develop a personalized treatment plan. Each plan is tailored to the individual’s personal issues which allows them to get the quality care they so desperately need.

A Better Today utilizes evidence-based treatment approaches that have proven to be most effective. These methods include group and individual therapy, music and art therapy, exercise, nutrition, yoga, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and equine therapy. The purpose of providing a wide range of therapeutic practices is to allow each client to find what form works best for them. It is important that the client find new suitable coping mechanisms other than alcohol. Self-discovery and self-improvement are the fundamental goals of treatment.

All clients participate in group therapy because it is one of the most effective forms of therapy. Communications skills are often lost or enhanced by the use of alcohol. Whatever the case, group therapy allows clients to regain or gain such skills without the use of booze. A group setting promotes healthy honesty and rapport among peers who are also working to overcome alcohol addiction. There is a profound element of trust that develops as a result of communicating with people who have similar struggles. This therapeutic approach is without parallel.

Individual therapy is also one of the most effective methods of treatment. Each client meets one-on-one with a licensed professional therapist in a confidential setting. The setting provides a higher likelihood that clients address internal conflicts honestly and openly. People who abuse alcohol often push unhealthy feelings and thought deep down and numb them with booze. Addressing these issues head on frees them of emotional restraints, allowing them to move forward in recovery.

The staff at A Better Today takes clients to the gym every day. Physical fitness has proven to result in higher rates of success. There is a direct correlation between physical and mental health. When people feel better physically, they feel better mentally. Exercise also builds self-esteem that was damaged in active alcohol addiction. This is also a practice that is without parallel.

Other forms of treatment have much value in helping clients practice self-expression and develop healthy tools for life without the use of alcohol. Being able to constructively rid the mind of toxic emotions is a key component of treatment.


Denial is an unfortunate reality of alcoholism. The influence of alcohol often blinds a person from recognizing the damage they are doing. In many cases, alcohol abusers may be aware of the damage, but are unable to believe there is a better life outside of drinking. This is where an intervention may be necessary. Interventions are very effective. The goal of the intervention is simple: Get the person into treatment. It is important to remember that an alcohol dependent person is likely to already have intense feelings of guilt and shame and an intervention should not reinforce these feelings. Family and friends should address their loved one in a loving and caring way. It is not a meeting where everyone attacks the behaviors of the suffering person, no matter how much damage they have done. Remember that this disease causes a shift in character for the person, and they are still the people we love beneath the dark cloud of addiction.

It is highly recommended that a person travel for treatment. Being surrounded by triggers such as old people, places and things increase the chances of them reverting back to old behavior patterns before they are able to receive treatment. Pulling them away from that unhealthy comfort zone makes a huge difference. Relocating for treatment increases the chances of success and any step that could be taken to receive effective treatment should be taken.

Finances can often be a deterrent for people to receive treatment. However, don’t worry about the financial aspect of treatment; A Better Today accepts most private insurance policies and also accepts private pay with an affordable payment plan. Insurance can cover most, if not all, of the treatment costs. Scholarships are also available to help cover the cost of treatment. Whatever your financial situation, there are options.

If you or a loved one is suffering, please do not hesitate. A better today is a phone call away. Call us now at (520) 288-8484.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

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