Getting Alcohol Abuse Treatment for People in Minnesota

Minnesota is nothing short of an outdoor utopia. The diverse landscapes and wildlife make Minnesota one of the best states in the Union to vacation, providing winter lodging and activities that compliment its terrain such as skiing. Its mountain ranges and lakes are vast and encompass assorted wildlife along with being utterly visually breathtaking. If you take in the scenery, you would be hard pressed to assume that there is a dark world that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Minnesota has, like many other states, fallen victim to a threat that has plagued mankind throughout its history, however . Alcohol abuse is an extremely dangerous problem that victimizes people on a broad scale. Rich or poor, white or black, male or female; anyone is susceptible to the harsh realities of alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism carries a rather ugly stigma that has been the result of years and years of scientific ignorance . It has been considered a deficiency in moral values and treated as a crime. But we live in a new time now, a time that has witnessed science and medical research grow exponentially. Because of the research and dedication within the medical field, alcoholism is now considered a mental disorder by the experts. Consequently, it should be treated as such. A Better Today is proactive in providing quality care that is based on evidence and success rate. Treatment has been proven to not only be more humane, but more effective.

The traditional solution to alcoholism has been institutionalization and more recently, imprisonment. This is considered to be inhuman and ineffective. More than half of people who get incarcerated for drug and alcohol offenses go back within a year. This is not including crimes that are a result of drinking. This is further proof that jail simply does not work on a fundamental level. People who struggle with alcoholism require medical and therapeutic attention in order to increase the chances of successfully living a life free of alcohol addiction and everything that comes with it.

Alcohol is often a tool that many use to deal with low self-esteem. But the continued use of alcohol only perpetuates the feelings of guilt and shame, causing further abuse. It is truly and vicious cycle. The method of incarceration only reinforces those feelings within a person, leaving them feeling hopeless and degraded. This is not the viable solution. At A Better Today, we understand that it is important to care and encourage those who cannot seem to find it within themselves. We provide the tools necessary for self-discovery and self-improvement. When a person feels better about themselves, they will act accordingly.

Alcohol is a killer. It is easy to be fooled because of years of advertisement and social acceptability, not to mention the thousands of years of its prevalence within every society. Thanks to modern medical discovery, we know that the psychological and physiological consequences of alcohol abuse can be devastating and fatal. Overall cognitive functioning is negatively affected by alcohol and can lead to psychosis. These consequences are not limited in time, for they can be permanent. That is one important reason to get treated immediately.

Alcohol also has many physical concerns that can be fatal and permanent if not treated in an appropriate amount of time. The pancreas, liver, and heart are all vital organs that are highly damaged under the influence of heavy drinking. They are not the only body parts that can be damaged however. The longer a person drinks without being treated, the higher the likelihood of them experiencing these impairments. The physical problems stemming from alcohol abuse can also be permanent. The sooner help is requested, the better the chances of avoiding such harsh results.

The Treatment Process

Alcohol treatment encompasses several phases that are used for different reasons. The purpose of the detoxification process is to rid the body of alcohol. Rehabilitation focuses on addressing mental and emotional disdain that has hindered personal growth and resulted in alcohol abuse. Intensive outpatient treatment and transitional living provides continuous care once a person is discharged from inpatient rehabilitation. These services increase the likelihood of experiencing long-term sobriety. A Better Today staffs has highly qualified personnel that is trained and experienced in various forms of therapeutic practices. We are well equipped to provide quality care for you or your loved one.

Detox from alcohol can be fatal if not done in a controlled professional environment. A Better Today uses a medically assisted detox to oversee the process to prevent occurrences such as seizures that could lead to death. Detoxification is the process by which the body is alleviated of toxins while minimizing withdrawal symptoms.

These withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to vomiting, insomnia, sweating, and anxiety. Avoiding such symptoms is one reason that people cannot stop drinking. The body craves alcohol after it has become accustomed to receiving it on a regular basis. This is yet another vicious cycle of alcohol addiction. The medical staff at A Better Today understands the severity and difficulty of this process. The medical staff uses counteracting medications of similar chemical structure to decreasingly wean a person off of alcohol in a reasonable amount of time. Once a person has been fully detoxed, he/she can then move on to the rehabilitation phase with a clear head that is capable of comprehending what our therapists have to offer.

Evidence-Based Therapy

A Better Today utilizes evidence-based therapeutic practices in order to cover a broader range of customized treatment. These practices include group and individual therapy, music and art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and exercise and nutrition. It is important that clients be exposed to different avenues of self-expression so they may find what works for them.

Individual therapy is the process by which clients are met with individually to discuss hindering emotions and thoughts while also given the opportunity to effectively express themselves without fear of judgement. All information in individual therapy is confidential, allowing clients to be honest about themselves and their behaviors. Honesty is a key aspect of recovery. The private setting increases the willingness to be fearlessly honest about uncomfortable feelings.

Group therapy is another valuable therapy method that has been proven to work. In many cases, communicating and developing social skills are often lost in the grips of alcoholism. In some cases, a person uses alcohol to communicate and socialize. For whatever situation, group therapy assists in the development of these skills without the use of alcohol. Peer groups have been proven to be highly efficient in making a person feel comfortable because of the empathy of all parties struggling with substance abuse. Group therapy also help develop compassion and understanding.

Whatever the method of therapy, A Better Today seeks to help clients express themselves constructively so that they may be able to identify what causes them to drink and discover healthier avenues of expression.

Denial is unfortunate and common among people who struggle with alcohol addiction. The alcohol has led them to justify and rationalize their actions no matter how harmful. This can be very dangerous. Many people are often too depressed and feel hopeless. These feelings cause them to believe that getting help is pointless, and that they may not be worth helping. We know this is a lie. Everyone has assets that make them who they are, and A Better Today will assist in finding those assets and utilizing them.

The point of interventions is to very simply get the person into treatment. Interventions are used to address issues that have erupted as a result of a person’s drinking. The family and friends meet with the person in order to help them realize the damage their actions have caused, but doing it in a way that is constructive and does not amplify feelings of guilt and shame. This can be tricky, so it is highly recommended that an intervention specialist conduct the process. Intervention specialists are trained in effectively conveying a message of encouragement while also helping a person recognize the exact nature of their illness.

A Better Today Can Help

Traveling is highly recommended for treatment. It can be very hindering to leave a person so close to the people, places, and things that are tempting and suffice the feeling of comfortability. Removing the addicted individual from that comfort zone decreases the chances of them reverting back to old behaviors.

A Better Today is in network with most insurance and also accepts private pay. There are also scholarships available that can assist in the price of treatment. Do not let finances be the reason for not getting help. There are options for whatever the situation may be.

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