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Alcoholism is among us today in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a disease that has no known cure and has evolved before our eyes. It is affecting a great bunch of the human population today. Individuals abuse alcohol for a multitude of reasons. Some drink to conceal and burry the pain they have experienced in childhood like neglect and abandonment. It is also typical for the person who abuses alcohol to use it as a way to self-medicate to relieve stress or depression. Las Vegas is an exhilarating city known for its casinos, culture, and very unique panorama. Alcoholism is predominating area of concern in the exquisite city. The Nevada State Health Division declares, “Nevada’s rate for “alcohol dependence or abuse in past year” was 8.01%, slightly higher than the national rate of 7.6%. Among the 12-17 age group, 6.9% met such criteria; among the 18-25 age group, 16.2% met such criteria; and among the 26 or older group, 6.9% met such criteria.” The individual who abuses alcohol is someone who has a disease. An individual who needs help, support, and all love they can get. We ensure you at A Better Today your loved one will not fight this battle alone.


It is sometimes hard for an individual who abuses alcohol to take a hands-on look on what devastation they have provoked. It may seem that your loved one cannot clearly see that they have come to a predicament in their alcohol abuse. In some cases the abuser may have caused many people great harm. With that being said it may be hard for them to recognize that they are acting in an immoral or derogatory manner. It is common for the individual who abuses alcohol to need a dash of direction to ease them into a stronger understanding of how critical their problem is. It is not unusual to face a feeling of failure. You might feel like you have come to a halt because every method you have tried to save your love one has been beaten. You are under the indication that your loved one does not want anything to do with putting down that drink.

It might sound foolish for them to think of a life different from the one they are living. There is a possibility that the individual that abuses alcohol is in need of some added want or ambition to demand treatment. It is normal for them to feel like they do not deserve treatment or they are not righteous enough to enhance their lives.

Our facility has the proficiency to put forward information you could make use of to get set up with an interventionist. The interventionist’s mission is to get to know your loved one and the condition of which they are in. That will give them an idea on how they could help. There are hundreds and thousands of people in our world that abuse alcohol. The interventionists will need appropriate information to capture a better understanding of the condition of the alcohol abuser so they can better accommodate them.

We have divine success rates with the way A Better Today goes about the intervention process.

It is safe to assemble the intervention in a place that is free from any temptation. You would not want to escort your loved one into anything but a tangible environment. It would be advantageous to include individuals who truly care and want to accommodate the alcohol abuser in the intervention process. Putting together the intervention during a duration of sobriety is very effective as well.

We are in full comprehension of the misery it brings to watch a loved one abuse alcohol. That is why we have a variety of different techniques that would accommodate each type of individual. While collaborating with the suffering person until we obtain the results of a successful intervention. An intervention is the first step in the exulting life lived in recovery. The next movement is rehabilitation, treatment and a life free from alcohol abuse.

Detox & Withdrawal

Detoxifying the body from alcohol could potentially be a life threatening process. Since the detox process could be hostile, at ABT we offer a medically supervised detox. During the duration of the withdrawal period our medical staff will be there to assure your safety and comfort. We will do whatever attainable to make your detox as relaxing as possible. Withdrawals can start within hours of the last drink. Some signs of withdrawals are: tremors, nausea, chills, and joint pain. When experiencing those effects, it is a sign that the body is beginning the detox process.

Your loved one might have gone through or have heard of going through withdrawals and now dread the thought of detoxing. Withdrawing and detoxing is a frightening and displeasing chapter in any alcohol abuser’s treatment plan. It is common that your loved one might not know how to function without that first drink to get them going in the morning. Imagining a long period of time without alcohol could seem unattractive to anyone who has a problem with abusing alcohol.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

When your loved one’s body is freed from the chemicals of alcohol during the detox phase, the next step in their treatment is rehabilitation.

A Better Today is an impatient rehabilitation center. We provide 24-hour supervision for your loved one’s entire stay. There are countless benefits for an inpatient treatment program. A part of your loved one’s treatment plan is that they will be paired with a therapist that best suits them and their history with alcohol. All our therapists have education that is specialized in alcohol abuse counseling and co-occurring disorders. We show our care by working one-on-one with our clients to get to the origin of their problem to better understand their alcoholism and where it stemmed from. We will work on taking all of the tragedies and catastrophic events life has thrown their way and turn them into reasons to find new passions and ambitions.

It is also recommended to travel during treatment and rehabilitation. Alcohol abusers tend to shift back to what is comfortable. Removing a loved one from the area which they know is very helpful. When the person who abuses alcohol is disconnected and detached from the triggers and temptations of their previous alcohol abuse, it lessens the chances that they will undergo relapse. It is advantageous because it will allow them to be free of distractions so they can really focus on their recovery.

We know that alcoholism affects each individual in various ways, and there is not an easy way out. That is why we have different resources that will help every type of abuser from: group and individual therapy sessions, relapse prevention, and medication management. We also offer yoga, music and art therapy, and exercise. That is the reason we find it key to work very diligently with the alcohol abuser. We grant our clients with access to really grasp the coping skills they will need to live a remarkable life.

Our treatment program offers tools you can use in life after treatment. Intensive outpatient are groups during certain days of the week. We do highly suggest inpatient because it is proven

Payment Options

At A Better Today we provide a vast amount of varying payment options. We accept a majority of insurance policies. When trying to find treatment you will work with an intake coordinator that will converse with your insurance company. Our staff will do their finest job to work with and find a plan that satisfies both companies. If our company does not accept the insurance policy you have, there are different routes you can take. We provide private pay plans, finance, and work with scholarships as well.

You might find yourself thinking, “Why you would pay for a treatment program when there are other treatment programs are free?” Of cores there are county funded programs, however those have long waiting lists that could take months. Their success rates are not that high when we speak of their clients having long term sobriety after treatment is completed. They also have so many clients that does not allow staff to spend the one-on-one time with the person who abuses alcohol needs. It is important to us at A Better Today that our clients get the peer support they need to grow in their recovery. Our staff is more than willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal so the recovery process is a successful one.

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