Alcoholism’s Hold on Knoxville, Tennessee

Alcoholism is prevalent in Knoxville, Tennessee. Many people ask “what is alcoholism?” Alcoholism is a mental illness and compulsive behavior, which causes alcohol dependency or obsession with the consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease that causes mental, physical and chemical dependency. In addition, alcohol is a nervous system depressant that seemingly helps with anxiety, self-consciousness, and feelings of guilt and failure. It may be difficult to differentiate someone who drinks moderately and someone struggling with alcoholism. When an individual abuses alcohol, it can be seen through job-related issues and changes in behavior, among other things.

A study done by The Center of Disease Control and Prevention in 2013 said, each year 80,000 deaths are related to alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse is the third highest cause of death in the United States. Consequently, some may put alcohol abusers in a class, declaring them “hopeless.” Well, there is hope. It is never too late to take action and help the suffering person become the leader in their life again, not alcohol. Do not let your loved one become a statistic.

More on Alcoholism

There are serious health repercussions that come with alcohol abuse. Drinking excessively can strain the heart, causing high blood pressure, stroke, and arrhythmias. Also, high alcohol intake can lead to various liver inflammations such as steatosis and cirrhosis. However, individuals suffering with alcoholism do not just experience health concerns. They experience mental health issues as well. Some mental health consequences from excessive drinking include personality disorders, behavior changes, anxiety, and depression. Consequently, the alcohol abuser does not just cause damage to themselves, but to civilization and personal relationships as well.

Overtime, excessive drinking could cause high blood pressure, increasing the chances of stroke and heart attack. Additionally, alcohol abuse can cause irregular heartbeat. Having an irregular heartbeat has been related to sudden-deaths over the years.

The scientific community has confirmed that alcoholism is in fact a disease. Alcoholism has been looked at as a crime for many years now. Our facility provides quality care based on evidence stating, institutionalization is unsuccessful. A Better Today will help your loved one rebuild their life, self-confidence, and self-esteem. When an individual feels confident again, they will not limit themselves to a life hidden by liquor.


Withdrawing from alcohol can resort to death. It is vital to seek medical attention immediately to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. The severity of withdrawals are determined by someone’s history with abusing alcohol and their medical history. Alcohol withdrawals are unique to every individual and not one person will have the same experience.

A Better Today offers supervised detox by a trained and compassionate staff. Medication will be provided to control withdrawal symptoms, allowing the suffering person to be comfortable. The medications can lessen/treat withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, tremors, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and seizures. To ensure safety body tempter, blood pressure, and heart rate will be monitored.

When the alcohol abusers body is rid from the toxins alcohol contains, it will allow them to be comfortable enough to partake in the activities inpatient requires. A Better Today takes recover one step at a time, aiming to better the lives of our clients.

Why A Better Today?

When your loved one arrives to our state-of-art facility they will be paired with an educated therapist that has a master’s degree or higher to be evaluated. To effectively treat the mind, body, and soul an evaluation is vital so our therapist can build a personalized treatment plan for the alcohol abuser. We are a dual-diagnosis facility that recognize alcoholism is not easy to break away from. A Better Today aims to get to the root of the co-occurring disorders that has beaten your loved one down, allowing them to gain freely a lifetime of happiness.

Someone struggling with alcohol abuse develops certain patterns for getting and preparing their next drink. These patterns continue along with the mindset they had in active alcoholism. Consequently, alcohol has such a strong hold on the abuser’s mind and soul. It is common for them to feel like they must put the next drink above everything else. When recovering from alcoholism it is vital to break these patterns that were made in active drinking and exchange them for new ones. It is highly recommended in anyone’s treatment plan to travel for treatment. Removing the suffering person from familiar surrounding could make the temptation to resort back to the bottle decrease. When the familiarities are removed such as daily routines, lifestyles, and drinking buddies a successful recovery is in arms reach.

Our facility aims to help people struggling with alcohol addiction. We offer a variety of therapy methods, one-on-one sessions, and group sessions which your loved one will take part in. We provide music and art therapy. , Exercise and yoga are also available during their inpatient treatment. A Better Today concentrates on helping the suffering person become a better more authentic version of themselves.

Group therapy allows your loved one to build a strong foundation with people who are fighting the same battle. It is common to find that your loved one lost the ability to communicate normally. Working with a group of people will help them rebuild their confidence which was lost in active alcoholism. Whatever the situation, group therapy will develop new life skills without the use of alcohol.

A Better Today offers individual therapy sessions as well. Our therapist will address your loved one’s co-occurring issues face-to-face, on a personal level. We understand that alcohol has affected each client in various ways. Every individual has their own strengths and issues. Our therapist will concentrate on building a personalized aftercare plan based solely on their needs. It is recommended to construct a strong aftercare treatment plan because the structure our aftercare programs provide, make it less likely for the alcohol abuser to endure a relapse. Quality care and love is provided at A Better Today, we work individually with our clients to build their confidence and to make certain a strong foundation is built for their life after inpatient care.

Life Goes On

There is more temptation and struggle in the real world and when someone suffering from alcoholism leaves inpatient to move on in their lives., The temptation could cause stress-levels to be at high, instigating a possible relapse. Taking a step down from the structure of inpatient care to remain successful in recovery, we recommend aftercare. Depending on the individual and their situation, there are various types of sober living homes and transitional livings. It is recommended to partake in outpatient programs as well.

Transitional and sober living homes are supervised environments. We strive to help the suffering person to learn how to live life on lives terms, as well as rebuild their lives and practice living sober in a safe environment. A Better Today aims to have the suffering person feel self-confident and ready to handle daily tasks without the use of alcohol. Our facility will do what it takes to give your loved one a better quality of life and not just teach them how to live life sober.

Want to put a Stop to Self-Destruction?

Abusing alcohol usually stems from co-occurring disorders like abuse, abandonment, mental illness, and a feeling of failure. Alcoholism is a progressive disease and they did not become addicted overnight. However, seeking treatment is the first step in recovery. It is possible your loved one is in denial and does not want to admit to their problems with alcohol. This is where an intervention would be beneficial.

While staging an intervention, it is recommended that your loved one is coherent enough to engage and obtain information. Also, it is helpful to choose a strong foundation of people to take part in the process leaving out any individual that may have had an abusive past with the suffering person. An effective team can include, children, spouses, parents, close friends, and other family members. You may feel intimidated while reaching out to certain individuals because of the history they have with your loved one, many relationships could have been strained. If you explain to those individuals that it is time to take action and get the suffering person help, it is amazing to see how many would be willing to get them the help they need. An intervention should be in a stress-free environment. The aim is to get them into treatment and holding an intervention may be an essential step in your loved one’s treatment plan.

Cannot Afford Treatment?

Finding the best treatment plan starts with finding rehabilitation that will fit the suffering person’s specific needs. A Better Today will work with you and find the best treatment plan possible, regardless of the finical situation. Our facility accepts most private pay insurance companies to cover most of the cost for treatment. However, insurance is not the only option we offer. There are scholarship available which are at discounted rates and private pay plans for individuals not financing treatment with insurance. Do not wait until it is too late. Call A Better Today: (520) 288-8484.

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