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Houston, Texas has an alcohol problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Harris County ranks first in per capita alcohol-related deaths. There were 232 alcohol-related traffic fatalities and 203 traffic deaths where the drivers were legally drunk. The statistics don’t lie.

There are many different types of drinkers. There is a moderate drinker, who is able to take it or leave it. There is the social drinker who typically drinks during social events. There is the binge drinker who tends to over indulge for sustained periods of time and then recoil from drinking for a period of time as well. Then there are the alcoholic types. The alcoholic wishes drink like the moderate drinker, unfortunately, those in this class suffer from the disease of addiction.

When they put any alcohol into their system they lose all control. Their body has an allergic reaction to the substance. Then they will experience a mental obsession. This is when they are not drinking, all they are able to think about is the next drink and how to get it. Some would say this type of drinker is of the hopeless variety, they are wrong. There is hope. With the help from A Better Today, you can stop drinking, lose the desire to drink, and find a new way to live. We offer a full range of alcohol dependency treatment. Starting with a Stabilization period, inpatient, outpatient, transitional living, and aftercare. We attack the alcohol addiction from the viewpoint that it is a disease. When someone is dependent upon alcohol, or any substance for that matter, it has a way of turning them into a person they are not. We want you to understand that alcoholic is not an immoral person, but rather a sick person who needs help.

With Houston being the nation’s fourth largest city, alcohol abuse among its residents is not uncommon. Since alcohol is legal, many people don’t see the problem with drinking. For those who do it responsibly, there is no problem. Those who are irresponsible or who lack control when it comes to drinking may need help in order to quit. There are dangers associated with abruptly quitting drinking once a dependency has developed. These complications can, and have, led to death. Seek help for your drinking problem with A Better Today.

Helping Someone Who is in Denial

When someone is addicted to alcohol, it is very common for them to be unable to grasp the gravity of their problem. Denial is a trait that many alcoholics possess. As family and friends, you may have tried to confront your loved one about their drinking problem and they were less than amused by your attempt. This is where an intervention comes into play. A Better Today can set you up with a professional interventionist that is able to help guide you through the process. While utilizing an interventionist is the most successful way to stage an intervention, it is not the only way. The end goal of an intervention is to have the loved one enter into a treatment center for their alcohol abuse. When you are holding an intervention, you want to approach the person who is dependent upon alcohol from a stand point of care and love, while being sure to express how their drinking has negatively affected your life. Using an interventionist helps to keep a neutral third party because emotions are known to run high when confronting someone about their substance abuse. While you are expressing how your loved one’s behavior has impacted your life, you also will need to create boundaries that you will put into place if they refuse to seek treatment. These boundaries are for you as much as they are for the alcoholic. If all goes as planned, the intervention will end with you escorting your loved one into an alcohol treatment center.

Alcohol Detox and Withdrawals for A Better Today

The first thing that happens when you decide you need help for an alcohol problem is a detoxification process. Here all the toxins that have built up in your system from continued alcohol abuse will be cleansed from your system. During detox, withdrawal symptoms occur. The withdrawals symptoms that are usually associated with alcohol are shakiness, sweats, nausea, vomiting, agitation, anxiety, and seizures. People have died while trying to detox off alcohol on their own. This is where A Better Today comes in. As a part of your treatment we offer a medically managed withdrawal process that minimizes the symptoms of withdrawal while keeping you safe and comfortable . You will have around the clock monitoring during your stabilization period. This first period of treatment is designed to allow you to get you’re your brain chemicals back into balance. This allows for you to be able to focus on yourself during the next portion of your rehab.

Alcohol Treatment at A Better Today

A Better Today offers a comprehensive treatment for alcohol abuse. Together we work to develop a personalized treatment plan designed to best suit your needs. We understand there is no one size fits all form of treatment for alcohol dependency. We will work together in the development of a personalized treatment plan that best suits each individual client’s needs. Our therapists have master’s level or higher education, specialized in addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. We practice multiple forms of therapy that have been proven to work on breaking the grasp of alcohol dependency. Some of these therapy models are cognitive behavioral, group and individual, music and art, and yoga. We also offer our clients the opportunity to get involved in the 12-step method of recovery. Along with the therapy, we help our clients develop life skills such as meal preparation, resume building, and effective communication methods. While in rehab, you will work to create a personal aftercare plan that you are able to follow upon completion . We will help clients find transitional housing that serves as a step down from treatment while still having a system in place to promote accountability.

While there are treatment centers in many places, it is best for you to travel outside your hometown to get treatment for your alcohol addiction. This removes all outside distractions and affords you the opportunity to focus solely on yourself and your alcohol abuse problem. It has been proven that those people who travel for treatment have a higher success rate for completing rehab. The reason being that if they were to leave, they would be in an unfamiliar environment. It also helps since you won’t be able to call anyone and have them come pick you up from rehab.

Start Your Journey into Freedom Today

While being stuck in the middle of alcohol addiction can seem like a hopeless state of being, A Better Today is here to pull you out of that hole. We have helped many people who are just like you. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the skills and coping mechanisms necessary to live a life in recovery. We are here for our clients long after they complete treatment. We hold events and take our alumni on trips. After completion of the program, you are forever a part of the ABT family.

When you are considering treatment, one thing that hinders a lot of people is paying for it. A Better Today accepts multiple insurance companies, as well as offers financing and scholarship programs in order to make it more affordable. If you are interested in getting help for your alcohol addiction don’t wait any longer to get help. Call us today and speak with our professional treatment consultants.

You do not have to live another day in the nightmare of alcoholism. There is a way out. We are here for you. Help us help you. We can give you the tools needed to live a life beyond your wildest imagination.

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