Alcohol Treatment for Residents of Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi is a beautiful coastal city in south Texas that has many historical and modern attractions. The beach life and contemporary metropolitan infrastructure makes Corpus Christi an absolute paradise. It is a top ranked tourist city that encompasses historical richness and a bevy of shopping and culinary attractions.

In the underbelly of Corpus Christi is a threat that has been common in societies since the beginning of mankind. Like all cities, Corpus Christi is not immune to the disastrous effects of alcohol addiction.

Since alcohol was first cultivated and consumed, it has had traditional social relevance and value. But the flip side to its civil significance has been the abuse of alcohol. Those who heavily drink alcohol have always been viewed as the outcasts in civilizations and among its denizens. The inhumane treatment of those who have abused alcohol has been nothing short of harsh and inappropriate. As modern science has grown within the medical and psychological fields, so has the willingness to address alcohol from a healthier and fact-based perspective. Field experts have discovered that substance abuse is in fact a disease or mental impairment, not a crime or a result of moral bankruptcy. A Better Today focuses on treating those suffering in accordance to scientific discovery and pragmatism.

Over the years, alcohol treatment has been inconsistent with the reality of the disease. The punitive approach does not focus on long-term solutions. Using imprisonment and institutionalization as ways to deal with the alcohol depended is an antiquated approach and has no validity or value, to quite the contrary, it has shown to be counter-productive. Incarceration only intensifies the low self-esteem that is common among the struggling alcohol abusers. A person may experience self-loathing as a result of his/her drinking, or maybe they used alcohol as a way to deal with low self-esteem. Whatever the case may be, amplifying those unhealthy emotions only perpetuates the cycle of alcohol dependency.

The urge to drink is not suppressed through imprisonment, so clearly it is the incorrect approach to this disease. By providing evidence-based, pragmatic attention to alcohol abuse, a shift inn perception is entirely possible. No longer will those who are suffering from an illness be condemned as outcasts. A Better Today has joined the fight with many others to provide quality care and treatment from a place of compassion and empathy, allowing clients to receive the positive reinforcement they need to live more productive lives.

At A Better Today, clients go through a detoxification process and then move on to our evidence-based, therapeutic practices that are provided in inpatient rehabilitation. We also offer continued aftercare that eases the transition back into society after rehab.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Detoxification

Withdrawal symptoms occur after consuming large amounts of alcohol is abruptly discontinued. Once the body has become dependent on alcohol, it craves it in order to function. This is what causes withdrawal. Symptoms include, but are not limited to vomiting, sweating, shaking, anxiety, and insomnia. The body can also go into shock causing seizures that can be fatal if a person is not properly assisted in a detox process. These symptoms are often the reason for a person being unable to put down the booze. It is impossible for person to gain the knowledge and help they need in rehab while alcohol is still active in his/her system. A Better Today offers a medically assisted detoxification process that helps ease withdrawal symptoms and transitioning to rehab.

Medical supervision of withdrawal focuses on ridding the body of harmful toxins under careful supervision. These help to alleviate or minimize withdrawal symptoms, which increases the chances of a person being able to kick alcohol completely without reverting back. Depending on the severity of each individual’s alcohol abuse, detox can take a couple days to a couple weeks. Our doctors assess clients individually in order to detox them effectively. Once a person is detoxed, they can then move on to the next phase of treatment, inpatient rehab.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

The licensed therapists at A Better Today are educated, trained, and experienced in a variety of treatment methods. We use approaches that have been proven to be most effective. Not everyone responds the same way to certain therapies, which is why A Better Today utilizes multiple forms. These include group and individual therapy, music and art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exercise and nutrition, yoga, and several others.

Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance during the rehabilitation process. The ability to be open and honest about feelings and thoughts that have been numbed by alcohol acts as a pressure relief valve of sorts. The goal is to allow clients to address hindering emotions and behaviors head on. Individual therapy provides the anonymity and comfort needed to rid oneself of toxic internal conflicts. It is extremely important that a person feels they can be honest without judgement or condemnation. The licensed therapists at A Better Today guide clients in self-realization and self-improvement and their chances of staying sober increase dramatically.

A Better Today conducts group therapy sessions throughout the week which allows peers to speak among each other along with a therapist. This helps reconnect communication skills that may have been lost in active alcohol addiction. Being able to constructively communicate is an important aspect of treatment. This helps develop social skills that benefit the well-being of clients once they are transitioned back into society.

A Better Today also offers yoga, exercise, and nutrition. Physical fitness has been proven to have a direct correlation with mental health. When a person is maintaining his/her physical well-being, they are more confident, and their self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a common characteristic trait among the alcohol dependent. They are less prone to abusing alcohol when they feel good about themselves.

Other services at A Better Today include cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, music and art therapy, and family therapy. These have all been proven to be valuable and indispensable as it pertains providing healthy outlets for self-realization and self-improvement.


It is not uncommon for those who are struggling with alcohol abuse to be in denial about their condition. It is a reality of the disease. The dependency can convince them that they are doing fine despite all evidence to the contrary. It is also common for some to feel as though there is nothing that can be done to help them. They tell themselves that they are lost causes. A Better Today knows these are lies. We employ many people who have been through the same struggle and have overcome the internal barriers that kept them in despair.

In these cases, interventions are often effective to help convince a loved one to go to treatment. Many families and friends have become overwhelmed with the damage that may have been cause by their loved one. It is important for the family and friends to remember that this is a disease and the effects of alcohol abuse cause the person to become detached from who they truly are. During an intervention, the person suffering does not need to be reminded of his/her wrongdoings or be attacked emotionally. Remember, they may very well already have feelings of guilt and shame that are tearing them apart inside. It is counter-productive to amplify these feelings. The right way to go about an intervention involves practicing compassion and understanding, not character assassination.

A Better Today is Here to Help

It is highly recommended that you or your loved one travel for treatment. Detaching from people, places, and things that could trigger a desire to drink is extremely important. When a person is no longer tied to his/her comfort zone, they are able to efficiently participate in the recovery process without unhealthy distractions.

The ability to pay for treatment should never be a deciding factor. A Better Today accepts most private insurance plans and private pay. We also offer scholarships to help cover the cost of treatment. No matter what your financial situation, there are options available.

If you or a loved one is suffering, please do not wait any longer. Call us today at (520) 288-8484.

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