Taking Action on Alcoholism in Colorado Springs

The Rocky Mountain city is filled with artists, architects, and athletes. The breathtaking city has a vibrant blue sky that is always shimmering. The attractive view of the mountains make it a perfect place to have outdoor activities. All though there are many activities and sights to see, there is an problem that has become an epidemic. According to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, “around 28 percent of the Colorado people showed binge alcohol use and more than 38 percent reported perceptions of great risk of having five or more drinks of an alcoholic beverage once or twice a week.” Alcoholism is a universal disease that is very prevalent in our society.

Alcohol abuse impacts the lives of our families, friends, and children. Sadly, it is an illness that has no known cure. Men and woman who abuse alcohol potentially drink to self-medicate. It allows them to relieve things like: stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. It is also common to find an individual abusing alcohol for that euphoric feeling they have lost due to traumatic events in childhood such as, abuse and neglect.

Seeking treatment is not as terrifying as it seems. Recovery is possible. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will not recover overnight but you can recover at your own pace, one day at a time. We ensure you that at A Better Today your loved one will not fight this battle alone.

Intervention to Abstentions

It may be a strenuous task for anyone that is abusing alcohol to seek treatment. A lot of alcohol abuse stems from a feeling of abandonment and remorse. In some cases, the person who abuses alcohol has caused substantial harm. That said it may be hard for your loved one to comprehend they are acting in a deceiving or derogatory manner. It is common to find that the alcohol abuser does not feel worthy of living a life different than what theirs has become. You feel like you have tried everything you could possibly think of to get your loved one to enroll into treatment, but every rout you have taken has failed you. You are put under the impression that your loved one may not want anything to do with putting down that drink. Holding an intervention could give direction to your loved one and influence them to find treatment.

At A Better Today we provide resources you can utilize to get set up with an interventionist. People who abuse alcohol and not one story is the same. It will be the interventionist’s job to get a clear understanding of the alcohol abuser’s condition of which they are in. That will allow them to get a healthier idea of the situation and what they can do to help.

One of the most beneficial things you could do for an effective intervention is choosing the right people to engage in the process. It is profitable for your team to consist of close friends, spouses, parents, and children. Do not include friends or family members that might cause more harm than good during the intervention process. That could be someone who will not be of service or has had an abusive history with the person who abuses alcohol. An intervention process is intimidating enough and you do not need to include anyone that could possibly make it less effective.

Holding the intervention during a duration of sobriety is essential to a successful intervention. Organize the intervention in an atmosphere that is delivered from any possible triggers. It is ideal to conduct the intervention in a positive environment.

At A Better Today we are in full comprehension of the devastation it puts forth to watch a loved one abuse alcohol. If you are thinking twice about holding an intervention remember helping them seek treatment is the best thing you could do for them. You do not want to hold it off until it is to late. An intervention is the first step in the fulfilling life which is lived in recovering. The next course of action is, detox and withdrawal, rehabilitation, treatment, and a life free from alcohol.

Detox and Withdrawal

Detox could be a intimidating and undesirable portion in most alcohol abuser’s treatment plan. Viewing things from their perspective, it is easy to conceptualize that detox may seem undesirable. It’s possible that the alcohol abuser may not be able to function without that drink in the morning, so to goa long stretch of time without alcohol could seem nauseating to your loved one.

Detox can be a life threatening process. Detox cleanses the body of the awful chemicals in alcohol. Withdrawals can start within hours of the final drink. Some minor signs of withdrawals are: tremors, nausea, chills, and joint pain. Some of the more major ones are seizures and hallucinations. These signs result in the beginning of the detox process. We offer services that can make the withdrawing period guarded and as comfortable as possible. At A Better Today we have a committed medical staff to establish your protection and comfort during one of the most difficult phases in your treatment.

Rehabilitation and Treatment

After detoxification, the next step in your feat in recovery will be is treatment and rehabilitation. We will pair you with a therapist who would best suit you, and your tale with alcohol. We attentively work with our clients to get to the fundamentals of their battle to better understand their alcoholism. All our therapists have education that is specialized in alcohol abuse counseling and co-occurring disorders. We work one-on-one with our clients. Our therapist’s mission is to get to the core of your loved one’s issues. We will work on the trials and tribulations life has thrown the alcohol abusers way. Our therapists will use those co-occurring issues to rebuild new ambitions and exult new passions.

We are in full understanding that alcohol affects every individual in different ways There is not an easy way out. We have different attractions that will help every type of individual from, group and individual therapy sessions, relapse prevention, and medication management. We also offer yoga, music and art therapy, and exercise. That is why we have discovered it to be so fundamental to work very diligently in awarding our clients access to really seize the coping skills to live a life that recovery puts forth.

A recovering alcohol abuser typically tends to accumulate back to what they knew how to do best and that is drinking. So withdrawing themselves from what is familiar could be very valuable. That being said, it is recommended to travel during the duration of your treatment. It will allow your loved one to be removed from any disasters that could be going on in their home town. Changing people, places, and things is key in a victorious recovery. It is convent to travel because it will allow your loved one to have no disruption so they can really focus on becoming a better version of themselves.

Our inpatient facility provides 24-hour supervision for the whole length of your stay. There are countless rewards for this sort of treatment program. When you are detached and far removed from the urges and old behaviors of your prior alcohol, it lessens the chances that you or a loved one will relapse when treatment has been completed.

A Better Today offers tools your loved one can employ in life after treatment. Having a well founded aftercare plan is crucial for someone trying to sustain long term recovery. It will allow the alcohol abuser to get to know the ropes on how to live life sober outside of inpatient care. Experiencing life on life’s terms in the beginning of any alcohol abuser’s sobriety can put stress levels at a high. It will take time and effort to feel comfortable outside of inpatient treatment. That is where our aftercare comes in.

Intensive outpatient are groups during certain days of the week. We do commend inpatient because it is proven to be more beneficial in most cases but it solely depends on the person. We offer outpatient programs that are successful as well, to people who prefer different services. Our outpatient services provide personalized treatment plans, aftercare, sober living communities, group counseling. It is our mission to help you become a better, unique version of yourself.

Payment Options

When trying to find treatment you will work with an intake coordinator that will speak with your insurance company. At A Better Today we provide a vast amount of varied payment options. We accept a majority of insurance policies. Our staff will do their best job to work with and find a plan that accommodates both companies. If our company does not accept the insurance policy you have, there are different routes you can take. We provide private pay plans, finance, and work with scholarships as well.

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