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Chandler is located in one of the world’s hottest deserts. It’s so hot in the area that people have been known to cook eggs on the pavement during summer months. Though Chandler is in the desert, a lot of people are drowning in fire water. The city of 250,000 residents is certainly not immune from the alcohol epidemic that’s destroying our country.

Alcoholism is a disease. People who develop a dependence on it don’t need to be locked up. Rather, people who abuse alcohol need significant treatment in order to address the underlying issues causing them to drink exorbitantly. When you place someone in a jail cell, it doesn’t help their problem. When people get out they will most likely just stumble back into a bottle.

Alcoholism is something that impacts a wide variety of people. Some people are more vulnerable to alcohol because of a genetic predisposition. The common denominator of abuse is that it stems from poor coping skills. When people turn to alcohol to deal with issues, feel better or feel in general it usually ends horribly. The good news is that alcohol abuse doesn’t have to end in despair. There is hope. A Better Today is a treatment facility that’s dedicated to reaching all types of people get help. Make a change.

How Alcohol Abuse Waylays Journeys

Alcohol abuse is dangerous because it’s deceptive. People who drink may initially experience euphoria. Alcohol increases the dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is located in the reward center, which leads people to feel euphoria. The problem is that those feelings don’t last forever and the intensity decreases over time. In addition, as someone continues to drink excessively their tolerance will go up. This is part of the rewiring of the brain. The potential for alcohol use to blossom into alcoholism is especially high when someone decides to keep drinking to increasing amounts in order to keep up with their tolerance.

The negative side effects of alcohol are well established. Not only does it strain your relationships with others, it also debilitates your inner harmony. When someone abuses alcohol they may become increasingly deceptive or elusive. They can transform into another person when they are woozy with buzz. Thankfully, there’s a means to salvage the savage of alcohol dependence.


If your loved one doesn’t understand how their actions are impacting others, then an intervention may be the best mechanism to convey that message. An intervention is a process of helping your loved one get to a point where they realize they have a problem and seek out treatment. A lot of times people who abuse substances aren’t aware of the pain they are causing others. They may be able to tolerate hurting themselves, but learning that they are hurting others could be the nail in the coffin of their abuse.

Though the television show Intervention has spread awareness about the intervention process, it’s still a difficult process that takes a lot of time and effort. When someone has developed a dependence on alcohol they have learned to manipulate others and do anything it takes to keep their abuse going. Because of this, it may be hard for family members who have gone through the cycle of manipulation and abuse to successfully hold an intervention themselves. That’s where ABT can come in. ABT can give you a referral to an interventionist who can administer the intervention. If your loved one agrees to treatment, ABT is a great place for them to come back to earth and clarity.

The X’s and O’s of Treatment at A Better Today

When your loved one chooses to get treatment with A Better Today, they are making the best choice. ABT offers 24-hour care in state of the art facilities staffed by warm, empathetic people. ABT is a company that prides itself on striking the right balance between expertise and empathy. We try to employ people who have gone through treatment themselves in order to have a team that’s understanding and patient.

The first step in treatment is detox. Detox is a scary word for a lot of people. It can be a deterrent for people seeking treatment because of the horror stories associated with it. While it’s true that alcohol detox is a potentially lethal process, it doesn’t have to be. At ABT we provide a medically managed withdrawal and give our patients various medications to offset the withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox are usually the antithesis of the feelings experienced while drinking. Some of the symptoms include shaking, insomnia and vomiting. But in rare, extreme cases the person will hallucinate and have seizures. These symptoms can be mitigated through the use of medications as prescribed by the ABT staff. For many people, the first step can feel a mile wide. Detox, it is undeniably difficult, however, ABT is equipped to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe. The length of time detox takes depends on the person and their history with abuse. When the patient finishes their detox, they will be ready for the therapy part of treatment.

At ABT we offer many different forms of therapy, from group and individual to art and cognitive behavioral. The two therapy approaches that are generally the most successful in rehabilitating people are group and individual. Individual therapy pairs the patient with a therapist with a master’s degree who can help them learn coping skills. As mentioned, alcohol abuse is spawned by poor coping skills, so it’s especially crucial for patient’s to learn new ones from an expert. The therapists are also well verse in co-occurring disorders. Some people who abuse alcohol are also afflicted by mental illness. Alcohol may have served to self-medicate, but when the use stops, people need to have an alternative way of dealing with their illnesses.

Group therapy is important for two main reasons: It helps re-connect people with a community and it serves to motivate people going through the process. In group therapy, the patient will be able to re-develop people skills that may have diminished due to alcohol abuse. It’s important to develop these skills again because the battle for sobriety is something that will take a village, not an island of person. Group therapy also serves to motivate people who are going through treatment. They will see and hear people recovering and it should helps them with their journey.

Another component to group therapy are the 12 steps. The 12 steps are a therapy tool to help people heal from addiction. The process begins with someone coming to grips with being powerless in their abuse to giving that power to something higher. At ABT we don’t subscribe to any specific faith. We want to make sure that everyone’s path is honored and that they have the freedom to translate the universe into their own language. We just want to help people realize that there is a community of people that can help them recover.

A central tenet of ABT is family. The ABT family never gives up on its kin. When you join ABT you are a part of this family. Leaving rehab can be a scary process for some people. They may worry that they will relapse upon returning home. In order to help our clients transition back into the real world, ABT offers sober living facilities. At these facilities, clients will be able to enter back into the real world more smoothly. We want to help you, help yourself. You are worth it.

Traveling for Treatment and Payment

It is strongly encouraged for people seeking treatment to leave the comfort of their communities where they were first exposed to alcohol. This helps them start over in a new environment away from the people and circumstances that enabled their abuse. It can be a new page, a fresh start.

A perceived barrier for a lot of people seeking treatment is the cost associated with it. A lot of people feel as though it will be too expensive to go to treatment and don’t want to go do the state sponsored one. So they squander in their abuse. However, ABT offers various payment plans to help people with the cost. Additionally, ABT takes most major insurance companies. In many cases the insurance company will pay for most if not all of treatment. ABT wants to help people, however we can.

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