Getting Alcohol Abuse Treatment for People in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies that revolted against Britain during the American Revolution. It is a beautiful state that encompasses modernized metropolitanism, striking outdoor landscapes, and rich history. New Jersey is the second wealthiest state by median household income making it an epicenter for business and luxurious living. With all of its attractiveness, one thing gets distorted. It is a threat that has plagued the United States and all civilizations since their inceptions.

The state of alcoholism has had an unhealthy stigma throughout history. People who have been considered “drunks” have been viewed by society as being morally bankrupt, grouping them with criminals such as thieves. What we now know suggests that this perspective has not been pragmatic at all. The exponential growth of science and medicine has provided us with the knowledge that alcohol abuse is in fact a mental disease, not a crime. Therefore, it should be treated accordingly. A Better Today understands the need for a shift in solutions for alcoholism and utilizes evidence-based treatment as a way to assist the suffering individual on a road to recovery free from alcohol dependency.

The punitive approach to substance abuse has been nothing short of unsuccessful with recidivism rates through the roof. Over half the people who get incarcerated for drug or alcohol offenses return to jail within a year of being released. This clearly is not a fundamentally sound solution to this problem. Being a disease, alcoholism requires medical and therapeutic actions in order to develop long-term tools and skills needed to stay sober. Most people who have struggled with alcohol dependency have overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame which amplifies low self-esteem. Others may abuse alcohol in order to cope with already existing feelings, including low self-esteem. Incarceration only intensifies these feelings, making them prone to act in accordance with what they believe to be true about themselves; that they are nothing more than criminals and drunks. At A Better Today, we know this is far from the truth and we are here to guide clients in seeing their true assets and instill the realization of worth and value.

It may be difficult to recognize the danger of alcohol because of its social acceptability and role in social life, but it is a killer, make no mistake about it. The physical and psychological effects of alcohol can be devastating. Alcohol impairs motor functions, cognitive reasoning, and can lead to psychosis, just to name a few. And these consequences can not only be fatal, but permanent. “Wet brain” is a term often associated with the subpar functioning of the brain of those who have abused alcohol over long periods of time.
Physical damage is all too common for those who abuse alcohol. It causes severe distress in the heart, liver, pancreas, throat, and other important functions of the body. The more a person drinks over a period of time, the more susceptible they are to experience extreme damage to his/her body. Physical impairment can also be permanent if not treated appropriately. A Better Today is here so you can get help before it is too late.

The Treatment Process

Treatment consists of a detoxification process, rehabilitation, and choice of continuous treatment such as intense outpatient programs and transitional living. Alcohol recovery is not easy, but it is simple. It begins with a phone call. The process involves ridding the body of dangerous chemicals then going through the therapeutic development of self-discovery, self-realization, and self-improvement. A Better Today staffs highly trained and qualified personnel to oversee clients during the course of treatment that are there to offer quality care and assistance.

Alcohol detox is the method of alleviating the body of dangerous toxins under controlled, medical supervision. This is an extremely crucial part of treatment because fatal seizures can result from abrupt discontinuance of alcohol. The detoxification procedure eases or relieves the body of withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, vomiting, anxiety, or insomnia. A person cannot endure rehabilitation without first ridding his/her mind and body of alcohol. After the body has become accustomed to ingesting alcohol it craves it, making it very difficult to put down the drinks. Many people continue drinking as to avoid these symptoms, but A Better Today staffs medical professionals that make the transition much easier. We utilize medications of similar chemical makeup that counteract alcohol. This may take a couple days to a week, but the gradual decrease in medication can alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Evidence-Based Therapy

Evidence-based approaches to rehab have proven to be most effective for treatment. Therapeutic methods used at A Better Today include but are not limited to group and individual therapy, music and art therapy, and exercise and nutrition. We even include cognitive behavioral therapy and equine therapy. Offering multiple avenues increases the likelihood of clients being able to find constructive means of self-expression and does not focus on one particular aspect of therapy.

We have licensed therapists that are highly trained and specialize in effectively guiding clients in individual therapy sessions. The private and confidential nature of one-on-one individual therapy is extremely helpful because of the comfortability that clients have in discussing hindering emotions and thoughts that they have never confronted before. Being able to be honest is a key element of rehab. Privacy invokes a willingness to be rigorously honest about behaviors that may be uncomfortable. Self-acceptance is an important step to self-improvement.

Communication and social skills are often lost in alcohol addiction. In many cases however, people use alcohol as social lubrication in order to communicate. Group therapy assists in building communication that may have been distorted in active addiction and helps build tools needed to communicate efficiently without the use of booze. Expression among peers has been highly effective in our experience. It builds trust and the ability to practice compassion and empathy that were numbed by alcohol.

Alternative methods of therapy are used at A Better Today with the intent to provide tools that help clients to cope with cravings, emotions, mental disdain, and self-esteem. We help build character that motivates individuals to refrain from succumbing to using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Alcohol can influence people into believing that there is no other way to live or cope. It can also put people in an overwhelming state of denial of their problems. This is where interventions play a valuable role in getting people the help they so desperately need.

The goal of the intervention is simple: Get the suffering person into treatment immediately before it is too late. When conducting an intervention, family and friends gather with their loved one to address qualms that have been hindering his/her relationships and overall well-being. The objective when discussing these issues in a group setting is to help the person realize the severity of his/her alcohol abuse in a way that does not belittle or assassinate his/her character. It is highly likely that the suffering individual is already flooded with guilt and shame, so attacking them for their behavior is counter-productive. These feelings help perpetuate the vicious cycle of alcohol abuse. Intervention specialists are not necessary, but they are highly recommended. An intervention specialist has the training and education that helps families and friends effectively communicate their grievances. This is done with diligence and compassion.

A Better Today Can Help

Guilt and shame are hindering to the recovery process. They are also based on false information that we tend to give ourselves while being trapped in the dark world of alcohol addiction. A Better Today can help you recognize your true being, which is a loving and kind person that has simply fallen victim to a disease that has hurt many others. The worth and value of the individual is dependent on the willingness to recognize it, but it is there. We staff employees who have been where you are, so there is a high level of empathy and compassion for you, and an utter disdain for the disease. You are in good hands.

Traveling may not always be the desired route, but it is suggested. Stripping a person away from his/her unhealthy comfort zone is often necessary. This allows them to resist temptations that would otherwise be easily accessible, thus diminishing the chances of life change. A Better Today wants to break the ties that held you down for so long.

A Better Today is in network with most insurance and also accepts private pay. We also offer scholarships for treatment. Whatever the financial situation, there are options available. Please do not let money be the reason you do not get help.
For the help you need and the life you deserve, please call us today at (520) 288-8484.

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