Alcoholism in Fort Wayne, IN

Originally built as the last in a series of forts along the village of Kekionga belonging to the Miami tribe in 1794, Fort Wayne was a trading post for pioneers. Having grown at the confluence of the Maumee, St. Mary’s, and St. Joseph rivers, Fort Wayne was in a prime position to grow into a central trading hub.

Once the Erie and Wabash canals were completed, the trading post grew rapidly. This growth continued and accelerated with the invention of the railroad. Since that time, Fort Wayne has established its economy in transportation, distribution, healthcare, logistics, hospitality and leisure, business, professional, and financial services.

Fort Wayne is not just an industrial city, however. As the second largest city in Indiana, Fort Wayne hosts a number of cultural institutions. The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra was founded back in 1944 and has been hosted at the Embassy Theater several times and there are several performing arts centers throughout the city.

The city is also home to multiple museums and art galleries, historic monuments, including the second-largest genealogy records collection in America at the Allen County Public Library. Fort Wayne hosts a number of festivals at it’s numerous parks and pavilions, making it a great place to celebrate and have a great time.

Some people, however, celebrate a little too hard. All things must be taken in moderation and alcohol is no exception. Alcoholism is a serious disease that afflicts thousands, if not millions, of people across the country as well as their families and friends. Fortunately, A Better Today is available to help you and your loved ones fight back against alcoholism and repair the damage it has caused.

The Importance of Treatment

Alcohol is something that has been around for centuries in every culture in the world. No matter what people had available to them, be it grapes, wheat, honey, potatoes, or something else, they would find a way to ferment it. Wine, beer, mead, vodka, whiskey, and a multitude of alcoholic beverages have been a part of global culture since it’s initial discovery.

Unfortunately, alcohol is also the most commonly abused substance in the world. There are just as many incidents and stories of overindulgence in alcohol as there are of merrymaking at weddings and feasts throughout the ages. The dangers involved in alcohol abuse go far beyond just getting drunk and acting foolish, however.

Most obvious and readily apparent are the dangers a person inflicts upon themselves or others while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol has been observed to be a factor in 40% of fatal car accidents, falls, and suicides, 50% of sexual assaults and severe trauma injuries, and a staggering 60% of homicides, drownings, and fatal burns. The loss of coordination and response time, coupled with impaired judgement, can often lead to serious harm and/or death.

Standing next to the obvious physical dangers associated with drinking are the health problems that can arise from the alcohol itself. People who regularly drink a great deal of alcohol are at greater risk of heart disease, liver disease, depression, sleep disorders, bleeding from the stomach, stroke, and even some forms of cancer.

It’s also a well-known fact that drinking while pregnant can cause serious problems for the baby, not least of which is brain damage and other birth defects.

How A Better Today Can Help

There are many treatment options out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? Well, here at A Better Today, we recognize that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” treatment program. Alcohol addiction is a disease that affects each person differently. As such, we tailor your treatment program to your individual needs to ensure you receive the absolute best treatment.

Our industry-leading, fact-based techniques, and research have given rise to a multitude of proven therapies that have helped many who struggle with substance abuse. Specializing in counseling, co-occurring disorders, and addiction, each of our therapists have a Master’s level or higher education and training in their field. In addition, many of our caring and compassionate staff have been through the same struggles, having overcome their own battle with substance abuse.

An important aspect of treatment is coping with the detox process, in which the toxins from alcohol are flushed from the body. Alcohol withdrawals are extremely dangerous and can even be life-threatening, so it is absolutely imperative that nobody ever attempt to detox from alcohol on their own. Our staff and doctors are professionally trained and will help mediate and monitor you throughout the detox process, easing your symptoms and making the experience not only manageable, but safer as well.

One of the most common treatment methods we employ are individual and group therapy. Individual therapy allows the client to work directly with their therapist, often leading to discovering new insights. Getting that one-on-one time can make it easier to talk about subjects that may be difficult or uncomfortable to discuss, but are necessary in order to facilitate healing.

Group therapy sessions build friendships and support, as well as allowing feedback from friends in treatment. In a group session, a person learns to develop (or redevelop) communication skills and how to make healthy interpersonal connections without the use of alcohol.

Family therapy is another method that is widely used. Substance abuse often damages families and the relationships therein. Family therapy can help reopen those channels of communication and work towards repairing those damages and healing those relationships.

Strength and yoga therapy goes hand-in-hand with our nutrition therapy. Substance abuse takes a heavy toll on the body, but the damage it causes can be repaired. Strength training and yoga can not only help clients regain their health, but relieve stress as well. Furthermore, learning about nutrition teaches clients about the benefits of healthy eating and prepares them to better take care of themselves once they leave rehab.

Speaking of leaving rehab, not everyone feels ready to go back out into the world as soon as their rehab program is complete. In such cases, sober living facilities are a good solution. Sober living provides a transitional house to live in after treatment, easing a person back into responsibilities and accountability.

Other popular forms of treatment at A Better Today include music and art therapy. The ability to express one’s self through a variety of creative avenues carries a lot more weight than one might think. We give clients that opportunity to explore that venue of expression. It’s also a fun skill and a great form of stress relief.

At A Better Today, we also practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In order to truly conquer alcohol addiction, it’s important to understand the underlying issues that caused it in the first place. CBT helps to uncover those issues and works with the clients to address them.

But I Can’t Afford Treatment!

Not being able to afford treatment is a common cry from those who need to get into rehab and it’s not an unfounded concern . In fact, the prohibitive cost of rehab is one of the most common reasons people don’t seek treatment. Luckily, those fears have fallen behind the times as times have caught up with reality.

Scientific studies in recent years have made great strides in understanding substance abuse and addiction. In light of their results, substance abuse disorder is now legitimately recognized as a genuine medical condition that affects the brain and behavioral patterns.

This means that health insurance providers now provide coverage for treatment as they would any medical condition. What this means for you is that treatment may not be as costly as you think! At A Better Today, we accept most major insurance providers and are happy to work with you in order to ensure you get the care you need.

A New Perspective

Alcohol abuse is a disease that takes root deep in the psyche and takes a lot of work to overcome. In order to kick the habit, you’re going to need to develop new skills and gain a new perspective. Treatment will help with a lot of that, including helping you discover new insights into your own life, but ultimately, it’s up to you.

Literally seeing new things around you may be a big help in seeing life in a new way. In some cases, a person’s environment may have contributed in some way to their substance abuse, or might contain triggers that would make recovery more difficult. In addition, sometimes in order to make a real change in yourself, you really do have to change everything.

For this reason, many experts highly recommend traveling for treatment. Putting yourself in a new environment with new surroundings, new people, even a new climate can make all the difference between remaining stuck in your old ways and truly seeing a new perspective.

At A Better Today, we are dedicated to helping you find that new perspective so that you can lead a long, healthy, and happy life. Many of our staff have been through the exact same struggles and know firsthand what you’re going through. After all, when trying to find your way out of a maze, there’s no better guide than somebody who’s already found the way out.

Alcohol abuse is a progressive disease. That means it’s not going to get better on it’s own. It won’t go away if you ignore it. The longer it remains untreated, the worse it’s going to get. Don’t let yourself become a statistic . Pick up the phone today and call (520) 288-8484. It’s not too late to make a change.

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